7 Online Business Ideas for Young Black Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it. Millennials and Gen Z’s are our future and there is no doubt that they have carved out a path of influence all their own composed of growing technology, forward-thinking, and financial independence! With that said, to date, black-owned businesses are surging more than ever before. This is in main part because of more and more young minority professionals diving into their own online business ventures. So what are the most achievable and lucrative online businesses for those looking to take a similar path? Let’s take a look!

#1. Start A Blog (Find A Niche)

Plain and simple, a successful business is about finding and providing a need that individuals will invest in and most importantly are interested in. There are thousands of ideas to choose from, but finding something you are passionate about is half the battle. If you aren’t very tech- savvy, you can always think about hiring someone to help set up your website, social media, and online presence. In addition, there are plenty of platforms that will allow you to create a business website free of charge. 

#2. Design Online Learning Courses

There are always people looking to improve their lives, learn new skill sets and increase overall knowledge in a particular subject area. This is where you can come in. Start off by offering them free classes for a trial period while you build a solid following. Then eventually start selling these same classes for a flat rate. If you need an example there are plenty of tutorials on how to design an educational course on professional business sites such as LinkedIn and Coursera.

#3. Become A Web Developer

Okay so everyone is not the next Mark Zuckerberg? We get it! However, who doesn’t need a website these days? Personal, professional, business, promotional you name it! This could be very lucrative if the necessary time, effort and research are put forth. Not to mention some of the top web developers can make up to as much as $100k/year.

#4. Customize A New Exercise Series

Sure there are millions of workout videos out there! However, people are always looking for new ways to reinvent their fitness routines. If you have a passion for health and wellness and want to help others achieve results, this could be a perfect gig for you! All it takes is a Youtube channel and a well-executed game plan.

#5. Become An E-book Writer

Have you always loved to read? Furthermore, do you enjoy poetry, novels, and crime thrillers and thought about creating them yourself but just didn’t know how? Well, now you do! Amazon Pro-Hub has a simple and very feasible way to self-publish your own books if you are a beginning author. Whether you want to do ‘How To’s’, Self-help, or Crime thrillers this venture has proven to be very lucrative for many. Plus you are living out a dream right? So go for it!

#6. Start A Podcast

Are you good at talking to people? Do you feel like you can make an impact in your community? Starting a podcast is a great way to have your voice heard on important issues or whatever you may have a passion for. Whether it’s social justice, politics, sports, or music, you never know who you could inspire. Plus, through affiliate marketing, donations and sponsorships you can make a little money while doing it too!

#7. Be A Social Media Influencer

Are you a social butterfly, a natural leader, or love entertaining and networking with others? Well, this may just be the gig for you! Anyone who’s anyone is on Instagram, so start by following some successful TikTok influencers and Youtubers to study what has worked for them. Next, research how to build up your following, and though it may take some time, eventually your efforts will pay off.  Then implement your own charisma and charm and make it pop! You could indeed be the next Addison Rae.

In conclusion, we hope some of these ideas will give you a great starting point! After all, deciding how you want to make a difference is indeed the hardest part. Good luck to all you young entrepreneurs!


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