Online Business

7 Online Business Ideas for Young Black Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it. Millennials and Gen Z’s are our future and there is no doubt that they have carved out a path of influence all their own composed of growing technology, forward-thinking, and financial independence! With that said, to date, black-owned businesses are surging more than ever before. This is in main part because of […]

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Black Tech

Black Tech Conferences You Should Know About This Fall

As you probably know. by now, the tech industry has been one of the most prominent and profitable industries in the world for some time now, and it hasn’t historically been the most Black. However, today’s tech industry is filled with Black faces and many of them own and/or hold powerful positions at incredibly successful […]

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Black Business

The Black Business Surge: Why Ownership is on the Rise

In 2021 alone, there were more new Black-owned businesses launched than at any other time in the last quarter-century, according to a recent Kauffman Foundation Annual Study. Just over 1.2 million African Americans were self-employed in February 2022, compared to slightly under 1.1 million in February 2020. There are several major reasons for the recent emergence […]

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Stew's Hardwood LLC

Stew’s Hardwood LLC: A Family Tradition of Entrepreneurship

Kansas City native Christopher Vernon Stewart is a jack of all trades. The “do it all” carpenter/handyman/businessman, etc., is the founder of his own home improvement company, Stew’s Hardwood LLC, which opened in 2011. He is also co-owner of real estate investment firm KCS Culture. Typical of young men in the area, Chris grew up […]

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Black Athletes

5 of the Most Decorated Black Athletes Turned Entrepreneurs

What do all of theses Black athletes turned successful entrepreneurs all have in common? More than you think…let’s explore! #1. LeBron James: A Winner’s Mindset As rare of a generational talent as they come, LBJ is coming up on two decades as an NBA superstar. However, it is widely known that off the court “The […]

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Motivational Speakers

5 Motivational Speakers For Black Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur can be uniquely taxing, so being a Black entrepreneur in America can be that much more difficult. Because of this, it’s important to seek out training, counsel, and inspiration from people that understand this specific plight. With that being said, check out this list of 5 motivational speakers that provide great insight […]

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Black Innovators

5 Black Innovators Making Waves in Tech

One move at a time, these brilliant Black innovators are changing the tech industry! Here’s what you should know about them. #1. Alexandria (Lexi B) Butler:  Founder of “Sista Circle”- Black Women In Tech (BWiT) In 2017, former Stanford Black Alumni “Lexi B”decided she wanted to help inspire! So she created the tech space forum […]

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