Black Dermatologist Develops Formula for Neuropathic Skin Discomfort and Burn Wounds

Dr. Milton D. Moore, a leading dermatologist who is the founder & CEO of Moore Unique Skin Care and Moore Unique Dermatology, has announced two new innovative products under the brand name Moore Relief Dermaceuticals: Moore Relief Pain Discomfort Lotion and Moore Relief Skin Revitalizing & Burn Lotion.

Initially formulated as moisturizing treatments for eczema and other conditions that cause skin irritation, Moore Relief Pain Discomfort Lotion and Moore Relief Skin Revitalizing & Burn Lotion are scientifically proven, fast-acting, effective therapies that help relieve neuropathic skin discomfort and help heal burn wounds.

The findings of Dr. Moore’s clinical research in the development of these products were published in a recent article in the Journal of Dermatology Research (peer-reviewed). Dr. Jack Alpert a leading Houston Neurologist has used the pain lotion in his practice and found the relief he obtained from the pain lotion was the far best result he ever obtained in treating his patients in all his 25 years of practice by a large margin.

Listen to what renowned Neurologist Dr. Jack Alpert, MD has to say about Moore Relief Pain & Discomfort Lotion: [Click here for the video]

Dr. Moore has seen an increase in patients who were depending upon opioids to help relieve their pain. Some of those patients chose to forego opioids and switch to the topical Moore Relief Pain Discomfort lotion which has none of the side effects of opioid medications. They even reported an even greater relief of pain in less than 5 minutes, and say that the relief lasted for a longer period.

In clinical research tests, Dr. Moore’s patients applied the Moore Relief Pain Discomfort Lotion topically to areas in which they experienced recurring pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, back, knee, fibromyalgia, and diabetic neuropathy. Most patients reported apparent relief of 75 to 100 percent, and the relief lasted from 7 to 24 hours with one application.

In other clinical studies, the Moore Relief Revitalizing Burn Repair Lotion was applied topically to the burn scars of Dr. Moore’s patients recovering from first and second-degree burns. The lotion was proven to help accelerate healing by 4 times from several months down to as little as 14 days with the return of normal skin color while preventing the appearance of scars and providing immediate cooling and pain relief.

Both patent-pending Moore Relief Dermaceuticals products are formulated with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agents such as aloe vera, extracts of algae, argan oil as well as other natural ingredients. These products use Dr. Moore’s patented transdermal delivery system, which enables the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin quickly. Each ingredient provides a unique contribution to the effectiveness of the products by cooling, moisturizing, and repairing damaged skin areas.

About Dr. Moore
Dr. Milton Moore specializes in all types of dermatological skin procedures and cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Moore has 25 years of experience addressing the skin care needs of men, women, boys, and girls. He has addressed all skin types including sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, and damaged skin. Dr. Moore continues to innovate and push the envelope to create solutions for his customers. In the last decade, Dr. Moore stunned the industry by creating his own signature line of skin care products. He combined his expertise as a pharmacist and his experience as a dermatologist to develop a unique blend of products to solve an assortment of skin-related issues.

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