5 Black Innovators Making Waves in Tech

One move at a time, these brilliant Black innovators are changing the tech industry! Here’s what you should know about them.

#1. Alexandria (Lexi B) ButlerFounder of “Sista Circle”- Black Women In Tech (BWiT)

In 2017, former Stanford Black Alumni “Lexi B”decided she wanted to help inspire! So she created the tech space forum Sista Circle, for young black women like herself, to be able to create their desired life journey by understanding their purpose and life goals. She is also a member of the National Leadership Council Fellow community that supports minority women in tech companies and tech-related professions.

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#2. Angela Fisher: Founder of Neufluence.

Bonafide “tech girl” Angela Fisher is at the top of her game! As CEO of a wide-ranging micro-influencer software providing automated tools that help brands build targeted campaigns,  the former entertainment executive has lent her technical expertise to help brand-building on platforms like MTV, VH1, BET, and AMF Media to name a few. With that said, Fisher is definitely one to watch in the near future!

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#3. Evan Leaphart: Founder of “Kiddie Credit” 

As a young man, Evan Leaphart quickly learned about the lack of financial literacy in the Black community and how it affects your life as a young adult. For that reason, the ambitious co-founder of The Black Men Talk Tech Conference created the Kiddie Kredit mobile app designed to educate children on the credit system. 

“I’ve always enjoyed being an entrepreneur but it feels good being focused on the project I’ve always wanted to create. Our mission is to empower credit-healthy families.” 

Well said!

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#4. Marcus Medley: Founder & CEO of “Apace”

Los Angeles native Marcus Medley has been on his grind for quite some time. The creator & entrepreneur’s latest venture is Apace — a Boston-based startup business that utilizes rule-based automation to streamline real estate contracts.

The former Grambling State University graduate began his career in the tech industry as a Silicon Valley Banker and, after some time, felt like he wanted to carve his own path. 

“I hope Apace becomes the ‘Calendly of Real Estate’, beginning with automating real estate transactions.”, he recently told Natasha Walwyn Robinson on BIT Tech Talk.

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#5. Neil Thompson: Founder of “Teach The Geek”

Neil Thompson has always been an advocate for youth. This is why the former engineer started Teach The Geek — an online platform for STEM professionals. The forum offers a membership that offers ongoing support to those in the STEM fields on public speaking. 

He is also author of the children’s book “Ask Uncle Neil: Why is my hair curly?” — a read about his nephew asking him why his hair is the way it is and Thompson using science to answer the question. 

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In conclusion, these pioneering Black innovators and entrepreneurs are definitely on the rise! So for all you boys and girls interested in the technology world, these individuals are prime examples that you can achieve anything you set your mind to while changing the world for the better in the process


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