Online Business

7 Online Business Ideas for Young Black Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it. Millennials and Gen Z’s are our future and there is no doubt that they have carved out a path of influence all their own composed of growing technology, forward-thinking, and financial independence! With that said, to date, black-owned businesses are surging more than ever before. This is in main part because of […]

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Black Tech

Black Tech Conferences You Should Know About This Fall

As you probably know. by now, the tech industry has been one of the most prominent and profitable industries in the world for some time now, and it hasn’t historically been the most Black. However, today’s tech industry is filled with Black faces and many of them own and/or hold powerful positions at incredibly successful […]

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Vegan Cheese

Software Engineer Launches Successful Black-Owned Plant-Based Vegan Cheese Brand

Meet Dianna King, a software engineer and food connoisseur from Atlanta, Georgia, who is also the co-founder and CEO of Eat UNrestricted, one of few lines of plant-based vegan cheese products owned by an African American woman. As hundreds of thousands of people switch to plant-based diet plans, vegan cheese is occupying a large portion of […]

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Black TV Chef and Restauranteur Teaches Northerners How to Master Southern Cooking in New Cookbook

Superstar restaurateur and chef Justin Sutherland has launched a tour of American Southern cuisine shaped by his upbringing in the Northern Midwest and the South and by his African-American and Asian heritage. Justin owns multiple restaurants in the Twin Cities, though his reputation is national. You may know him from television, where he won an Iron […]

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Costa Rica

Black Couple Creates Platform Connecting Black-Owned Businesses in Costa Rica

Successful communities are those united with common goals and visions. There are hundreds of Afro-Latino and Black businesses in Costa Rica; however, Ian and Dawn James noticed that a significant challenge has been locating them across the country. Most business owners solely rely on WhatsApp, 30% use social media platforms, and less than 10% have […]

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BookDawg Sports

Father and Son Duo Launch First Ever Black-Owned Athletic Supply Company

Meet Oronde Booker and his 14-year-old son, Kendall, who are making history as the founders of BookDawg Sports, the first ever Black-owned athletic supply company. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is already taking pre-orders for its flagship product called HW101, which is a basketball made with premium microfiber composite leather that offers amazing grip and […]

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5 FREE Tax Preparation Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

Don’t let the stress of tax season get you down. I know, I know. You have to get your receipts gathered and organized by date and find all those invoices from old clients. Not to mention all the other documents and information that need to be collated and deciphered.  Because of this, your tax situation […]

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10 Year-Old Black Author Nyla Johnson Lands Major Book Distribution Deal in Hundreds of Stores

Nyla Johnson, a 10-year-old author and entrepreneur from Rochester, Michigan, is celebrating that her books are being distributed and sold at more than 250 Meijer store locations across five states. Meijer is one of the largest and fastest-growing big box retailers in the midwest. In her debut book of the series which is entitled, Nyla’s First […]

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Founder of Black-Owned Luxury Nude Footwear Line Celebrates 4 Years in Business

Jeneba Barrie, the founder and CEO of Dallas, Texas-based Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear, a diverse and inclusive luxury skin-tone (nude) shoe line, is celebrating four years of business. Jeneba originally launched in 2019 after running a successful Kickstarter campaign. Her company is dedicated to redefining the meaning of “nude” shoes from one or two shades of […]

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Target Expands Deal with Best-Selling Black Doll Company, Orijin Bees

Since launching on last year, Orijin Bees will expand their partnership by now offering a selection of their best-selling dolls in Target stores across 40 US states, showcasing not only the variety of beautiful skin tones we have in our Black and Brown skin but also the array of curly hair patterns and textures. Bestsellers from […]

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