10 Year-Old Black Author Nyla Johnson Lands Major Book Distribution Deal in Hundreds of Stores

Nyla Johnson, a 10-year-old author and entrepreneur from Rochester, Michigan, is celebrating that her books are being distributed and sold at more than 250 Meijer store locations across five states. Meijer is one of the largest and fastest-growing big box retailers in the midwest.

In her debut book of the series which is entitled, Nyla’s First Day of Kindergarten, Nyla chronicles an African American girl’s journey from daycare to full-time school. From meeting new friends and her teacher to playground fun and reading new books, readers can join Nyla and her friends on her first day’s journey into the world of kindergarten!

In real life, Nyla is a fifth grader at Hugger Elementary in Rochester, Michigan. When she’s not writing or reading, she loves riding her hoverboard, roller skating, and playing with friends outdoors.

In a recent interview on Fox2 News Detroit, Nyla comments, “I just think above the brain, and I just start writing whatever comes to mind.”

Nyla’s First Day of Kindergarten is available as an ebook on Amazon, but the paperback is available through her mom’s publishing company at

A true entrepreneur at heart, Nyla also has a dog walking business where she fulfills her passion for four-legged friends and helping others in and around the community. She is also currently working on her second book project, set to be released in the fall of 2022.



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