Couple Secures $250K Deal on Shark Tank for Black-Owned Virtual Bridal Company

Meet Charles and Ashley Young, a married couple who are the co-founders of a virtual bridal company called Bridal Babes that designs bridesmaids’ dresses that are body-flattering catered for curvy Black women. After appearing on Shark Tank and securing a $250,000 deal, their Maryland-based company has become one of the fastest-growing brands in the wedding industry.

Back when the duo was planning their wedding in 2015, it was very complicated just to look for the perfect gowns that would fit their bridesmaids. Their bridesmaids wore curve-hugging dresses and it went viral for being nontraditional and how well they fit. These experiences sparked the couple’s interest in starting their own bridesmaids’ gown line.

After working on the brand for about 3 years, they launched Bridal Babes, which offers glamorous curve-hugging dresses that are inclusive to all sizes and ages. They focus on designs that are different from the norm and enhance the body types of Black women. What makes it even more unique is that they are one of the first to incorporate virtual consultation in the industry.

“We would have a client meet with a stylist and that will really help trim down exactly what the bride wants ’cause we have so many different dresses and so many different styles. But you’ll really direct them through the process of picking the perfect style for all the bridesmaids of all shapes, shades, and sizes,” Charles told AfroTech.

Moreover, Bridal Babes saw an increase in their virtual consultations after the couple went to Shark Tank, aiming to get $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity. They ultimately landed a deal when their offer was accepted for 20% equity by Emma Grede, CEO and co-founder of Good American.

“She’s really hands-on and digs into all the details with us. As far as exposure, of course, you get the huge uptick in sales that everybody talks about, but also we saw an influx of people coming in through that virtual consultation platform so much so that we had to like release new dates,” Ashley said.

Moving forward, the funds they received are allocated for the expansion of their inventory, including restocks and new designs, to meet the growing customer demand. They currently also have other bridal attires such as robes and rehearsal dresses, and they plan to integrate more features into their platform.

Learn more about Bridal Babes via its official website at

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