Black Entrepreneur Expands Vending Machine Company to Include Travel Product Kits For Babies, Children, and Families

Jasmin Smith, the founder and CEO of Babyvend LLC, has expanded her network of vending machines to include custom travel and activity kits. The kits known as “Go Boxes” have been curated and customized for travel essentials and activity essentials.

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Jasmin founded a nationwide vending machine company that has become an award winning leader in providing vending machines for support for infants, toddlers, preschool age, breastfeeding mothers and traveling families. As a single mother of twins who travels frequently, she understands firsthand the needs of families on the go.

She comments, “Although we love our vending machines and have been able to successfully help a lot of traveling families, we understood early on that our vending machines could not fit in all spaces or help families on long flights or train rides or places with restricted space. So having these boxes that mirror our machines was essential.”

The boxes are eco-friendly and the sizes and contents are customized to the target audience with co-branding opportunities, and are sold retail and wholesale.

Jasmin hopes that by providing affordable, accessible, and custom supplies that uplifts both startups and large brands it will help grow other businesses and allow families to have a stress free travel experience.

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