Cam’ron Claims Offers Have Already Rolled In To Acquire His Newly-Launched Sports Talk Show

Cam’ron has been heavy in his sports bag and, apparently, big-timers are taking notice.

The Dipset-rapper-turned-host leads his sports talk show, “It Is What It Is,” which officially launched in February 2023. Alongside his co-hosts, fellow Harlem rapper Ma$e and Esmerelda Pineiro, the team discusses trending topics in sports. 

Within the short timeframe since “It Is What It Is” launched, Cam’ron claims he has received multiple offers from people interested in buying his show.

“A lot of n—s hollering at me to try and buy my show, make my show a part of what they’re doing,” Cam’ron said in an Instagram clip.

Although Cam’ron’s show is self-funded, he voiced that he isn’t completely opposed to selling it. However, potential buyers would have to come with the correct price tag.

“Y’all gonna have to offer something that I ain’t got,” Cam’ron said. “Now, you don’t know what I got. You could assume what I got. I’m not gonna be unreasonable, but you gotta be fair. And right now, for the time being, we gonna have fun.”

The debut episode of “It Is What It Is” has over 100,000 views (as of this writing).

This isn’t Cam’ron’s first instance of standing firm against offers.

As previously reported by AfroTech, he declined a $300,000 offer for his iconic pink mink coat.

“The people who offered it to me, I didn’t feel they deserved it,” Cam’ron told Boardroom. “It was more of a stat to me saying y’all bought Cam’s jacket. It wasn’t really like they appreciated where that jacket came from. And if it makes sense to sell it to somebody who would’ve appreciated it or put it where it’s gonna be seen and be historic that people know as my jacket, cool.”



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