Black Mom, Teen Daughter Make History With Cosmetic Products in 600 Stores and New Amazon Partnership

Danielle Pasha, and her 17-year-old daughter, Samiah, the founders of The Beat House Cosmetics, continue to make history. Over the past three years, they have signed a major distribution deal with Citi Trends to have their products sold in 600 of their stores nationwide. And now they have been accepted into Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator program, which is decidated to helping build sustainable equity and growth for Black entrepreneurs.

Danielle and Samiah launched their company back in 2020 when Samiah was just 14 years old. Now, she’s 17 and serving as the President of the company while her mom fulfills the role as CEO.

Over the years, they have been busy securing their spot in the cosmetics world. After introducing the critically acclaimed Knock Out Palette and the 2020 Palette, the duo secured a partnership with Citi Trends Inc. for The Knockout Palette and the newly released “Legacy Palette”, that could also be found in Citi Trends stores across the nation and on TBHC’s website. 

As mom began to focus more on the expanding of the brand, Samiah has taken the reigns to design and introduce her own collection, “The Good Girl Collection, When asked what inspired her to create the Good Girl Collection, Samiah stated; I came up with the good girl collection for all the girls who are focused on their education, self-care, being a good person, having fun and looking good while doing so. (Samiah Laughs) “I wanted to put some colors and products together that would capture that vibe. So, I told my mother it’s my turn, I’ve been watching and learning! I was so happy she trusted my vision for this collection. She gave me the space to create while helping me along the way. (While smiling at mom)

While Samiah held down the Good Girl Collection, Danielle released another jaw dropping and aesthetically pleasing palette inspired by the season of love.” On the Nakia NiteShade Podcast, Danielle stated that after entering the cosmetics arena she has developed lifelong friendships with MUAs around the world. “A lot of people wear make up but these MUAs use make up in their day-to-day operations. When we speak, I always ask what events are the hardest to prepare for. The answer is always Weddings. I wanted to create something that has the colors and tones that one would see on a wedding day.”

The Wedding Planner Palette is fun, elegant, sexy and everything an artist would need to stick the landing for their bride’s special day. This palette marries highly pigmented prismatic colors with delicate shades that’s perfect for brides, bride Maids, and guest alike. 

It’s safe to say this mother daughter Duo are here to stay. Offering a wide range of products for all age groups and lifestyles. This cosmetic line is dedicated to beating the odds, beating self-doubt, and beating adversity.

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