Celebrating CROWN Day–Honoring History, Empowering Black-Owned Businesses

CROWN Day, which stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,” is a momentous occasion observed annually on July 3rd that serves as a celebration of Black hair and beauty, while also shedding light on the history, achievements, and challenges faced by the Black community. It is a day to honor the rich heritage and cultural significance of Black hair and recognize the pivotal role that Black-owned businesses play in redefining beauty standards. In this article, we will delve into its history and highlight five Black-owned businesses embracing natural hair and natural hair care.

The observance of CROWN Day and the emergence of the CROWN Act mark a transformative shift in the fight against race-based hair discrimination. Born out of the need to address countless instances of discrimination faced by Black individuals, especially in schools and workplaces, the CROWN Act stands as a symbol of recognition and protection for natural hairstyles. Spearheaded by the dedicated efforts of California State Senator Holly J. Mitchell and then-California State Assembly member Sydney Kamlager-Dove (now in the U.S. House of Representatives), the legislation acknowledges that afros, braids, locs, and twists are integral to Black identity and should be shielded from prejudice. As CROWN Day gains momentum, the collective celebration of natural hair showcases a powerful movement towards inclusivity and respect. Together, these efforts are rewriting the narrative, championing the right for individuals to embrace their authentic selves without fear of discrimination.

Let’s explore five Black-owned businesses that have made it their mission to do just that:

Pattern Beauty:
Pattern Beauty, founded by Tracee Ellis Ross, has become synonymous with championing natural hair. The brand offers a range of hair care products specifically designed for curly, coily, and textured hair. By providing nourishing and effective products, Pattern Beauty encourages individuals to embrace their unique hair textures and fosters a sense of pride and self-acceptance.

Melanin Hair:
Melanin Hair Care is a haircare brand founded by Whitney White, also known as Naptural85 on YouTube. The brand focuses on providing high-quality, natural hair products that cater to a wide range of textured hair. Melanin Hair Care products are made with clean, natural ingredients and are designed to nourish and care for textured hair, promoting healthy hair growth and enhancing natural beauty. The brand’s mission is to empower individuals to embrace and celebrate their natural hair journey.

The Mane Choice:
The Mane Choice is a renowned haircare brand founded by Courtney Adeleye. With a focus on healthy hair from the inside out, the brand offers a wide range of products formulated to promote hair growth, strength, and overall hair health. The Mane Choice celebrates the versatility of natural hair by providing products tailored to various hair types and textures. They also prioritize education and empowerment, offering resources and support to help individuals embrace and care for their natural hair.

Camille Rose Naturals:
Camille Rose Naturals is a natural haircare brand founded by Janell Stephens. With a commitment to using high-quality, plant-based ingredients, the brand offers a variety of products that cater to different hair needs and textures. Camille Rose Naturals celebrates the beauty of natural hair through innovative formulas that promote moisture, nourishment, and styling versatility. The brand’s emphasis on natural ingredients and holistic hair care approaches resonates with those who embrace their natural hair journey.

Miss Jessie’s:
Miss Jessie’s is a pioneering natural hair care brand founded by sisters Titi and Miko Branch. Named after their beloved grandmother, Miss Jessie, the brand is dedicated to providing effective solutions for curly and textured hair. Miss Jessie’s offers a wide range of products that address various hair concerns, including curl definition, moisture retention, and frizz control. With a focus on embracing and enhancing natural curls, Miss Jessie’s has been influential in promoting self-love and acceptance within the natural hair community.

CROWN Day celebrates the history, resilience, and cultural impact of Black hair and beauty. It is also an opportunity to honor the achievements of Black-owned businesses that have redefined beauty standards and empowered individuals to embrace their natural hair. Through their commitment to representation, inclusivity, and holistic approaches to hair care, these businesses have reshaped the beauty industry and inspired a movement of self-acceptance and pride.

The CROWN Act is the law in 22 states. In 2022, it passed in the U.S. House of Representatives but failed in the U.S. Senate. It will be reintroduced in 2023. You can ensure its passage by asking your legislators to give it their full support. For more information, visit The Official CROWN Act (


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