Why Every Black Business Owner Needs a Mentor in 2023

Mentors are intended to help new and small business owners navigate the tumultuous waters of the entrepreneurial sea. They are the ship’s navigation system that steers us toward success. According to a recent study performed by Endeavor, as published in Forbes, nearly 92% of small business owners interviewed attributed their success directly to having a […]

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Digital Marketing

Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

It’s a new year and small business owners like yourself probably have been consumed with fiscal year closing tasks, from balancing the books to recycling inventory. Now that we’re in 2023, it is more apparent than ever that Black-owned businesses in particular need to pay special attention to their marketing strategy.  Holiday sales may have […]

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Tips for New Home-Based Black-Owned Businesses (2023 Edition)

I don’t know about you, but neither I nor my Black-owned business have fully recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic. There are new variants each month and there don’t seem to be signs of the overall “pandemic effect” going away anytime soon. As I work one on one with new entrepreneurs, a few questions seem to […]

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Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies Black-Owned Businesses Must Explore

As we close out 2022, it’s time for Black-owned businesses to look towards 2023 through the lens of emerging from a three-year pandemic. While it might be safe to be back outside, and while employers across the country call their workers back into the office, digital marketplaces and technologies are reigning supreme. It’s imperative that […]

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Customer Experience

How Black Business Owners Can Improve Customer Experience

Let’s be honest, Black business owners face a lot of negative stigma when it comes to how they view and handle customer service. Yet most of the noise is based on one or two bad experiences that have traveled across many lips. Because of this, it is an problem that we, as Black business owners, […]

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Buying or Starting a Black-Owned Business… Which is for You?

I want to preface this article by telling you there is no right or wrong answer to this question.  Entrepreneurship isn’t a cookie cutter mold and Black entrepreneurs, just like the Black community, are not monolithic. Choosing to buy or start your Black-owned business is going to be based on your personal lifestyle, your research, […]

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Social Media

5 FREE Social Media Strategies Every Business Owner Needs in 2023

Since their inception, the internet and social media have become very intricate and integral parts of our existence. More so every day. And that does not stop at our personal lives – it carries over into business as well. Black business owners all over the globe have and will continue to employ social media as […]

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4 Companies Helping Black Business Owners with Digital Marketing and SEO

As more and more online businesses pop up – especially in the Black community – their owners are realizing just how significant SEO is to their business website’s visibility, viability, and branding. (And, if you don’t know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, you are already behind!) Here are four Black-owned SEO companies that […]

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5 FREE Tax Preparation Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

Don’t let the stress of tax season get you down. I know, I know. You have to get your receipts gathered and organized by date and find all those invoices from old clients. Not to mention all the other documents and information that need to be collated and deciphered.  Because of this, your tax situation […]

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5 Ways Black Business Owners Can Give Back with Purpose

Your business is your “baby.”  You started it for a reason: you had a why and a passion that you wanted to turn into profit. If you inaugurated your business before 2021, the difference then and now is that the pandemic has brought on a spirit of giving this country has never seen before and […]

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