Waitress Uses $2,000 in Tips to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Hair Company, Blaq Hair Luxury, in 3 Years

Blaq Hair Luxury founder and CEO Cherice Williams has built a multi-million dollar company by providing hair products made from innovative formulas that help stimulate healthy growth and restoration from damage.

Williams was working as a housekeeper and a waitress when she moved to the United States from Jamaica in 2016. After being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormone disorder, and experiencing an adverse effect on the quality of her hair, she dove into research.  She observed her hair was dry, shedding, and brittle as a result of some of the products she had been using.

“I basically took matters into my own hands and became knowledgeable of the right products that I should be using, and ingredients. And that’s when I made my first organic hair serum in my kitchen,” Williams told Black Enterprise, adding that the company has sold over 200,000 bottles of serum. “It’s a lightweight, non-greasy formula with essential oils formulated to invigorate and strengthen the hair follicles,” she said.

Blaq Hair Luxury Mission  

“As the founder and CEO we want to enrich the experience of the multicultural consumer base on their hair journey, and to provide premium quality and result-driven products substantiated by innovative formulas that truly enhance the quality and growth of their hair,” Williams said.

“We make it part of our mission to not only formulate products that are non-toxic and naturally based, but also produce high-performance results that our customers truly deserve,” she said.

Williams shared that the company’s products are never formulated with sulfates, parabens, or silicones. 

Blaq Hair Luxury allows customers to shop for products based on individual hair concerns, such as growth and strengthening, and dandruff control.

The company provides a collection of hair essentials, including hair oil, shampoo and conditioner, a hair masque, styling lotion, gel, edge glaze, and hair accessories.

Blaq Hair Luxury Lands Its First Sale

“I was in a natural hair group on Facebook, where we shared tips and ideas on how to care for hair. And a lot of women in the group had the same issues and challenges that I was facing,” Williams said.

“Then, a few years ago, I reached out to a social media outlet, The Shaderoom, on Instagram. This was a few years back. They quoted me $2,500 for promo. So, I took the leap of faith and included my rent and reached out to them and they published my brand.”

Within 48 hours, Blaq Hair Luxury made more than the amount of money that was invested  “That’s what gave us the push and exposure that we needed.”

Williams shared that she was surprised at how quickly her company took off.

“We actually started out on base before moving into our new 12,000-square-foot unit. Then, after a year, we leased our first 4,000 sq. ft. unit, and since then a lot of opportunities started presenting itself, and we knew that we were going to need a bigger space within a few months,” she said.

“So rather than waiting for the time to come, when we should be focusing on inventory and stuff – we felt the need to actually get our new 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse and have it designed and structured the way we wanted it to be in advance.” 

Expanding Blaq Hair Luxury to the Community

“We’re actually working on making our products more accessible to mass retailers and beauty supply stores,” she says. 

With the company always innovating, more products and collections are planned for different hair types and concerns. Blaq Luxury Hair will soon launch Nutra Grow Healthy Hair Adult Gummies with Biotin.



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