Creator of Milky Mama Provides Lactation Support for Expecting, Breastfeeding Mothers

Motherhood is not always a walk in the park, and many moms face similar struggles during their breastfeeding periods.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Krystal Nicole Duhaney, is the woman behind Milky Mama, a lactation-supporting product line for mothers raising babies.

According to the Milky Mama site, Duhaney was inspired to produce resources for mothers because of her own experiences as a breastfeeding mother who struggled with her milk supply,

The Registered Nurse combined her knowledge in the health field and love for baking to develop a milk-making cookie recipe, a lactation product that kicked off her company when it launched in November 2015.

Milky Mama offers signature products for expecting or breastfeeding moms that include Lactation Cookies, Emergency Brownies, Tropical Iced Tea, Lactation LeMOOnade, Lactation Smoothie Mix, and Herbal Supplements.

“Whether you’re a first-­time mother or a Hollywood celebrity, Milky Mama can empower you with the physical and emotional support you need to raise happy and healthy babies,” the website wrote.

In her efforts to encourage a community of women to support each other on their motherhood journeys, Milky Mama hosts weekly Facebook chats and a lactation support group as an extension of her company.

“It was also important for me to create a village of support, because I needed it and I craved it, Duhaney said. “Having the extra support is so vital. It is heartwarming and a huge passion of mine to give breastfeeding support. I receive so many responses from customers sharing their experience and because they eat my treats they are going strong with lactation. It’s so amazing what a little extra support can do.”

Milky Mama has provided help for TV personality and wife of rapper Ice-­T, Coco Austin, on her breastfeeding journey.



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