Tracee Ellis Ross Debuts Pattern Beauty’s Curl-Conscious Heat Collection

After a change-making two-year process, the Pattern Beauty boss lady Tracee Ellis Ross is bringing heat to curls in a more conscious way.

In a stunning products launch, Tracee Ellis Ross and her award-winning natural hair care brand have introduced their first heating tool, a professional-grade blow dryer created specifically for curls, coils, and tight textures, People reported.

The debut, which has always been a part of the original dream, was also accompanied by the brand’s launch of its “curl-conscious” heat collection, which includes a heat protectant, a light-weight spray that safeguards textured strands, and shine spray, a frizz-reducing mist to leave curls luminous.

The new blow dryer, priced at $189, offers a wide range of benefits, including a long-lasting AC motor that delivers gentle yet effective heat and reduced dry time, a ceramic-coated grill to help minimize heat damage, and an ion generator that can be turned on to smooth hair or turned off for more volume.

“Like all of us, I have a relationship with heat that started off as not a good one for my curl pattern, whether it was the physical pain of heat or the emotional pain of losing my curl pattern,” Ross told People.

“But when I started to nurse my hair back to health, heat was actually part of the process. Using heat safely so it wasn’t damaging and so it allowed me to wear different styles that weren’t dependent on my curl pattern was incredibly important,” she continued.

In addition, Ross intentionally designed the tool’s buttons for ease-of-use because she likes to change settings when she’s glowing up. The tool is comprised of a “Cool Shot” button to lock in styles, six customized airflow and heat settings for any curl type, and four attachments to help shape, stretch, smooth, and define your strands: a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle, a wide tooth comb attachment, and a brush attachment.

“I was able to protect my texture while discovering a new love for my hair and what it was capable of. It’s been a long-time dream of mine to reframe our relationship with heat from a history of submission to a narrative of possibility,” Ross penned on an Instagram post. Our curls, coils and tight textures can be anything we want them to be.”

All products will be hitting Ulta online and store shelves later this year.



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