Black Woman Creates a Delivery Service for Beauty Products

The Regime Beauty Founder Yan Lawrence is a perfect example of someone maximizing her talents by creating a delivery service that benefits all parties involved from her passion for the beauty industry and her skills in data science. 

The Regime Beauty, which will be launching in early 2023, is described on its official Instagram page as a delivery service that personalizes the customers’ shopping experience by “matching” individuals with “products and similar users.” The platform also guarantees that customers will receive their purchased items, including hair and nail products, within an hour after placing their order.  

On Dec. 21, during an interview with Byrdie Magazine, Lawrence opened up about the inspiration behind The Regime Beauty. The New York native told the publication that the idea for the beauty platform stemmed from her journey with her natural hair and figuring out how to use her “math and technology” skills to find the perfect product. 

Lawrence said as she described her hair loss after perming her hair, “My hair inevitably started to fall out. At the time, I truly felt like my beauty went along with it. I had my ‘aha!’ moment. I realized I could use my love for math and technology to solve the most asked question in the beauty industry: Is this product going to work?

The entrepreneur‘s initial idea would ultimately expand to a delivery service in 2020, following conversations with consumers and retailers and realizing the struggles individuals go through trying to find a particular product that is either out of stock or not carried in the beauty supply stores.

Lawrence’s experience as a data scientist and quantitative analyst helped her develop a solution by creating an algorithm that suggests the nearest location where that product can be found or a similar item based on the individual’s interest.

Toward the end of the interview, Lawrence explained that what makes her delivery service different from the more prominent brands like Instacart or Amazon is that this platform focuses on “expanding beauty supply store reach” and not just delivering products.

She said, “We focus on personalizing the experience for users and expanding beauty supply store reach across the United States. Other delivery platforms just deliver products. We utilize data to power both sides of the marketplace—making the customer beauty experience seamless while using data to draw insights into what’s currently working in the market to help beauty stores scale fast.”

The Regime Beauty delivery service will launch soon in New York and further expand in “major cities” throughout the United States.



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