Daymond John Writes First Children’s Book ‘Little Daymond Learns to Earn’

CEO and founder of FUBU, and star on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning TV show Shark Tank, Daymond John, has recently released Little Daymond Learns to Earn, a 40-page original picture book designed to provide an opportunity for parents to teach kids financial intelligence.

The New York Times best-selling author’s first children’s book “explains the fundamentals of entrepreneurship from a simple monetary standpoint and within a system of friendship to do what you love, and have joy with it.” 

Little Daymond Learns to Earn builds the understanding of the value of creating a product, marketing it to your audience, and earning money through hard work. The book’s goal is to connect with parents who want to teach their children about how to be financially responsible and also connect with their children on a deeper level.

Little Daymond Learns to Earn opens the conversation for dialogue about financial intelligence and building generational wealth by illustrating the process of starting a business and how to responsibly use money. John believes “this book can create a system and understanding to spark a conversation with schools, parents, and institutions to start incorporating financial intelligence and literacy at the first, second, and third-grade levels in schools.”

Daymond John

Leaving a legacy behind

Known globally for creating a clothing brand that reached the masses, and Shark Tank an Award-winning business TV series, “but this book Little Daymond Learns to Earn is going to be my legacy,” said John. “When I die, I want my girls to say, my dad sparked the conversation for kids around financial intelligence.” The basis and fundamentals to open a child’s mind to basic financial intelligence are artfully crafted in this fun and relatable story. 

Big Daymond reminisces about being little Daymond

Growing up in New York City is a unique experience. Full of wealth and abundance on one block, and poverty and lack on the other. Straddling the border between adolescence and young adulthood “New York City taught you the grind and taught you how to pivot,” said John. “It showed you the hustle and the grind but it did not teach you financial intelligence.” John was not the only Black man selling hats in New York City, but he became one of the very few to create a global brand. In Johns’s view, “it is the lack and or knowledge of financial intelligence and how to scale a business that keeps many from growing.”

About ‘Little Daymond Learns to Earn’

Little Daymond Learns to Earn follows Little Daymond and his friends as they discover the best way to earn money to afford their purchases at a street fair. Little Daymond helped his mom at her booth and earned five dollars, but this was not enough to purchase the t-shirt he set his eyes on at the fair. He decided to start a t-shirt business. With motivation and an idea, Little Daymond and his friends use their unique skills to start a business, reinvest, and earn enough to purchase items of their choosing. The book is geared toward kids ages 5-12 and contains guides to simple financial literacy terms and how to responsibly use money. John believes “Little Daymond Learns to Earn will teach kids and parents financial intelligence through a story and pictures that are simple to digest.” He continued, “in the book, Little Daymond works with his friends in a collective system of talents to create joy for other people while at the same time rewarding himself and having a good time, and that is called being an entrepreneur!”

How to get your children ‘Little Daymond Learns to Earn’

The book can be purchased at where you can enter for the chance to spend a private 15-minute conversation or meet with John in person. Books will also be available at all the major book retailers online and in person. 

If you are a teacher or educator that has similar products or would like more information on how to incorporate the book in your classroom, or student organization you can contact the Daymond John team by email at




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