Black-Owned in Seattle — The Best Black-Owned Shops to Show Love to

Seattle has always been one of my favorite places to visit and try new foods. Even though the Northwest states don’t get enough shine from the culture, we have a heavy presence in Seattle and it’s important we support their Black-owned businesses as well. Here are five Black-owned shops to show love to.

Communion Restaurant & Bar

Chef Kristi and her son Damon Bomar have garnered accolades far and wide for the amazing food at Communion. What started as a catering business under Chef Kristi’s “That Brown Girl Catering” has now evolved into an initiative to provide the community with healthy but still very tasty food. Her son Damon is a Howard alumni and Hospitality expert who in 2015 decided to take his talents home and invest in time into the family business. Whenever you’re Seattle, be sure to stop by and grab a bite.

Fats Chicken & Waffles

Looking for a taste of New Orleans in the North West? Well Fats is the place to go to get that southern comfort food. Regarded as the “go-to” spot for Louisiana cuisine in Seattle, be sure to grab some of those Poutine Fries with a set of the Lemon Pepper Fried Chicken Wings.

Estelita’s Library

Estelita’s Library premise is to bring awareness to social justice and ethnic studies through books and lessons within their space. The books are free for anyone to borrow and they encourage the community to gather within their library and have discussions. You can find Estelita’s Library in South Seattle or you can shop their books at their online store.

Hollingsworth Hemp

The Hollingsworth family believes in the power of hemp for healing and pain relief. As the matriarchs of the family began to have medical issues they used CBD and hemp oils to alleviate pain. Now they have created a brand in Seattle to share with the world. You can read their stories on their website and order their products online. From hand lotions to sanitizer, they have all the topical ointments necessary to help you or a loved one with a little relief to get through those rough days.

Métier Brewing Company

Métier is the first Black-owned brewery in Seattle. The co-founders Todd and Rodney are passionate about beer and also their community. They believe all beer lovers, no matter the differences, can come together and have a great time at their locations. Families are welcome and MBC can also be used as an event space.



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