Savor the Flavors–Discover Black-Owned Food Brands for National Culinary Arts Month

Indulge your taste buds and celebrate National Culinary Arts Month by exploring a delectable array of Black-owned food brands that will take your culinary experiences to new heights. “Savor the Flavors” is an invitation to discover the rich tapestry of tastes, traditions, and innovations woven into these exceptional culinary creations.

From artisanal sauces and spices to gourmet snacks and beverages, Black-owned food brands offer a delightful range of options to satisfy every palate. Sample the exquisite hot sauces crafted with passion and precision by talented entrepreneurs who infuse their cultural heritage into every bottle. Elevate your dishes with meticulously blended seasonings, adding a dash of flavor that reflects a fusion of global influences. Or savor the decadence of gourmet sweets and snacks, created with love and a commitment to quality that will leave you craving more.

ReMix Waffles:
Break away from the ordinary and elevate your breakfast game with ReMix Waffles. Tired of waffle mixes loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients? Look no further. ReMix is here to revolutionize your waffle experience. Crafted with all-natural ingredients and completely devoid of unnecessary additives, this waffle mix is a game-changer. Simply combine the mix with a large egg, buttermilk or milk, and butter or oil, and watch as fluffy, flavorful waffles come to life before your eyes. Oh, and did we mention they also offer a gluten-free mix? Indulge in the fluffiest waffles without compromising on quality or taste.

Southern Culture Kitchen:
Get ready to awaken your taste buds with Southern Culture Kitchen’s exceptional pancake and waffle mixes. The mastermind behind this brand, Erica Barrett, faced the frustration of laborious pancake-making processes and wanted to find a solution. Collaborating with her mother, they crafted a line of mixes that perfectly balance convenience and homemade flavor. Each batch is made with real ingredients, allowing you to experience the joys of semi-homemade breakfasts without sacrificing scrumptious taste. With delightful flavors like banana pudding, birthday cake, and bourbon salted pecan, these mixes promise to turn your mornings into exciting culinary adventures in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Callaloo Box:
Escape to the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean with Callaloo Box, the brainchild of two sisters from Trinidad and Tobago who longed for the taste of home. This online grocery store and subscription service is your passport to a world of Caribbean culinary delights. From exotic spices to fiery hot sauces, and even biscuits (known as cookies to our American friends), Callaloo Box has it all. Not sure where to start? Embrace the adventure by signing up for their monthly subscription box, curated by the founders themselves. Delve into the assortment of handpicked products and then head over to their recipe section, where inspiration awaits. Prepare to expand your dinner repertoire and infuse your meals with the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean.

Michele’s Syrup:
Unlock the secret to decadent breakfasts and elevate your dishes with Michele’s Syrup. Generations in the making, the recipe for this honey-based syrup has been passed down through Michele Hoskins’ family, and now it’s ready to grace your table. With the vision of sharing this culinary treasure with the world, Michele embarked on a journey that led her to become the first minority supplier for renowned establishments like Denny’s and Walmart. Thanks to partnerships with industry giants such as General Mills and Sara Lee, you can now find Michele’s Syrup in major grocery stores.

Let us reflect on the rich and diverse tapestry of Black-owned food brands that have captivated our palates and expanded our culinary horizons. Throughout this month, we have celebrated the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of Black chefs, artisans, and food enthusiasts who have poured their heart and soul into creating extraordinary culinary experiences.

We have ventured into the realm of Sweet Dames Artisan Confections, savoring their handcrafted chocolates and confections, while Mouton Noir Wines has elevated our wine appreciation with their exceptional creations. And who can forget Tasty Yummies, the embodiment of organic, gluten-free, and vegan delights? These Black-owned food brands have not only nourished our bodies but also ignited our passion for exploration and cultural appreciation.


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