Interview: Wess Walters Helps Entrepreneurs With their Digital Presence

Wess Walters is what some would call a 21st Century Digital Guru. From videography, digital production, social media and webinars, he has embraced the digital space with open arms. Wess started his company because he saw that there was a need to not just create remarkable videos for his clients’ product or services, but also a need to promote the product or service using Social Media. He has 3 fulltime employees and 10 permalancers and has worked extensively in corporate and academia environments in addition to B2B and B2C. Wess holds a MBA from American Intercontinental University. We caught up with him during his busy schedule to get some insight on his business and endeavors. Here is what he had to say?


What’s your name? My name is Wess Walters

Tell us a little about yourself. I started my first business in my sophomore year in undergrad selling used computers to my coworker.  These were in no way up to date systems; they were old and outdated in everyway shape and form. This experience taught me 2 lessons. The first was in sales. It taught me that if you curate the correct message to the correct target audience you can sell them anything. Second was the importance of the know/trust/like factor.  Like I said these computers were not new and for the most part at the time one could easily go to one of the big retailers and purchase a new computer for around the same price. But I was selling the computers and my co-workers who knew me, trusted me, liked me and ultimately they bought the product. I’m a product of the Atlanta University Center where I obtained a BA in Mass Media Arts and later I received my MBA with a concentration in Project Management from American Intercontinental University.wess walters

What’s the name of your business? The name of my business is Marketing


Where did the name come from? I came up with the name because of what I wanted the company to represent for my clients. The word Massive means, enormous, mighty, colossal, so I wanted to incorporate those adjectives in the name, letting someone know simply by looking at the name that it was a marketing company that would expand their brand and make it larger than it currently is.


What is your business background? I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years.  I started out doing wedding videos, then music videos, and then graduated to corporate video and now I do animated explainer videos.


What led you to get into the business world? Well entrepreneurship was is in my blood. It was inevitable.   My dad has always been an entrepreneur and some of my aunts have always been entrepreneurs. Even my grand parents owned a bodega where I would work for summer as a young lad.


Why did you start this business? My current business evolved. Like I said I do a lot of corporate video pieces so as a forward thinker, 4 years ago I saw that the landscape of video marketing was changing.  Animation was the next big thing.  So I jumped on the wave on a quest to provide high quality explainer videos to all businesses.  What makes animation so popular and compelling is because it speaks to the inner child in all of us.


What would you say is the most difficult part of running your own business? I think the most difficult part of running a business is managing the paper work!


What sets you apart from everyone else? What sets Marketing Massive aside from other businesses that do similar work is that we create the video and also offer our clients ways to cross-pollinate it across all their existing social media platforms.  Most video marketing companies produce the videos and that’s it.  Most social media management companies don’t do videos.  Marketing Massive does both.


Who could benefit most from your business?  All businesses that are in the process of rebranding, launching a new product, revamping an existing product or interested in using the power of video in a drip marketing campaign can benefit from our services.


What are your overall goals? My overall goal for the business is to serve.  There are a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses that have great products or services that people simply don’t know about.  Our goal is to get their brand in front of as many prospects as possible. My personal goal is to leave a legacy of financial independence to my children and to instill the importance of being self-sufficient.


What are the company’s plans over the next year? Marketing Massive’s goal over the next year is to continue to collaborate with other marketing firms that don’t provide video and be the video marketing arm for them and their end clients


How can people find you on social media? By design I am @wesswalters on all social media platforms and my business is @Mktg_Massive on twitter.


Anything you want to mention that we didn’t cover? Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of research on Customer Service and ways to enhance the Customer Experience (CX) and will be releasing a book on the subject next year. 

Interview conducted by Black and in Business Staff Writer


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