Empires of Innovation: Victory Beyond the Field: The Playmakers Shaping Sports Business

In recognition of Black History Month, we turn our focus to a unique group of individuals: Black entrepreneurs who have seamlessly transitioned from sports to business, redefining what it means to be successful. Our series begins by celebrating three extraordinary people who’ve left an indelible impact, not just in sports, but in business too.

Profiles of Trailblazing Entrepreneurs

Devin Booker

At just 25, Devin Booker has already made a name for himself in the NBA. But his ambitions soar beyond the basketball court. Booker’s business acumen shines through his strategic investments in startups like Overtime and Buzzer, and his significant role in the coconut-water brand COCO5. His hands-on approach to business, evident in his active participation in company operations, marks him as a true entrepreneur. Booker’s journey from an NBA star to a business mogul is a testament to his dedication and foresight.

Brandon Copeland

Brandon Copeland, celebrated as an NFL linebacker, is renowned not only for his defensive prowess on the field but also for his entrepreneurial spirit away from the game. Through Copeland Media, he empowers others to grow their brands and start new ventures. His commitment to financial education—highlighted by the courses he teaches at his alma mater, showcases his dedication to sharing knowledge and uplifting others. Copeland’s dual career path as an athlete and entrepreneur is an inspiring example of leveraging sports success for broader impact.

Kelvin Beachum, Jr.

Kelvin Beachum, Jr., an offensive tackle for the New York Jets, has diversified his portfolio with investments in over 20 companies. His focus on manufacturing, agriculture, and autonomous robotics demonstrates his keen eye for emerging industries. Beachum’s role on the advisory board of OneTeam Collective further highlights his commitment to connecting athletes with business opportunities. His strategic approach to investments and business ventures sets him apart as a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial Journeys and Impact

These athletes have mastered more than just sports; they have each forged impressive business careers. Their transitions from sports figures to business leaders are rich with insights on adaptability, resilience, and strategic acumen and their influence in industries and communities lays down a trail for future generations to follow.

Overcoming Challenges

Switching from sports to business isn’t easy, right? But these folks did just that. They used their sports skills to make waves in new industries. It’s a reminder for all of us – if you stick to it and adapt, you can nail it in more than one field. How about you? Ready to take on a new challenge?


In closing, consider this: If Devin Booker, Brandon Copeland, and Kelvin Beachum Jr. can harness their athletic discipline and passion to build successful business ventures, what hidden capabilities might each of us have? Their stories not only educate but also inspire us to explore our own potential beyond conventional boundaries. Inspired by these trailblazers? Stay tuned, as we continue to unveil more empowering journeys that challenge and redefine our definitions of success.



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