The Role of Social Media in Promoting Black-Owned Businesses

In recent years there has been a growing movement to support Black-owned businesses and promote economic empowerment in the Black community. Social media has proven to be one of the most successful ways Black entrepreneurs can promote their businesses globally. 

Powerful platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook allow businesses – no matter if they are large or small – to expand their reach and increase their sales. At the same time, businesses can build communities and connect with customers in ways that were never before possible. 

Here are ways in which social media has contributed specifically to the expansion of Black-owned businesses. 

Increased Visibility 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have helped Black-owned businesses increase visibility and reach a wider audience. Owners can easily create a page for their enterprise to showcase their products or services. Social media algorithms also help businesses reach a larger audience by promoting their content to those most likely to engage with it.

Community Building

Social media has made it easier for Black-owned businesses to build communities and engage with customers. For example, Twitter and Facebook allow businesses to create groups and pages where customers can join, interact with each other, and provide feedback on products or services.

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has become a popular trend on social media, where businesses partner with influencers to promote their products. This has allowed Black-owned businesses to collaborate with influencers who have a strong following and can promote  products to a broader audience.

For example, by partnering with a popular fashion influencer, a Black-owned clothing brand can showcase their products to the influencer’s followers. Through this type of alliance, Black-owned businesses increase their brand awareness and reach new customers.


Hashtags have become a popular way for businesses to promote themselves on social media, and Black-owned businesses are no exception. The #buyblack, #blackownedbusiness, and #supportblackbusiness hashtags have been widely used to promote Black-owned businesses and make it easier for customers to find and support them. Businesses can use hashtags to join relevant conversations and promote their products or services. 


Social media platforms have made it easier for Black-owned businesses to set up online stores and sell their products. Instagram and Facebook are some of the platforms that allow businesses to create a shop page and sell directly to their followers.

This type of e-commerce integration helps Black-owned businesses increase their sales and reach customers outside their local community. A good example might be a Black-owned skincare brand creating an Instagram shop page where the consumers seeking products to match their skin type can easily purchase the company’s products with a few clicks.


Social media has had a significant impact on Black entrepreneurs’ journey to success – especially with the many challenges they face along the way. Using hashtags, influencer marketing, and e-commerce integration to level the playing field helps Black-owned businesses reach more customers and increase sales. 

Community building has also helped establish loyal followings and positive reputations for Black-owned businesses across the globe. 

No matter whether yours is a mom-and-pop shop or a large enterprise, start today to use social media in the ways highlighted above to elevate your own Black-owned business.


  • Deborah Amaya

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