The Relationship Perspective

Going into business isn’t just about being able to make money. It is a larger transformation than that. Shifting of perspectives is one of them. So many people who left the ranks of employees to become entrepreneurs never make it to become employers. This is because (unbeknownst to them) most of them continue to carry an employee mindset as entrepreneurs.

For example, the Benefit (of the doubt) is given to employees and customers, while the Burden (of proof/responsibility) is placed on employers and businesses.

This dynamic is why it’s okay and accepted for customers and employees to be given surveys and reviews. It’s why we criticize a company if it “claps back” at a review. Customers don’t walk around with the idea that they too are employees of a business, and they themselves fall short in providing to their customers.

The reason for this one-sidedness is, businesses are viewed as the resource; the place where individuals can extract from. Its sheer size makes for it to be placed in the role of caretaker. 

Employees view their paycheck as them being paid or getting money. They don’t see their relationship with a business as being investments or selling their skills. They don’t understand that the business is actually their customer who they are selling their skills to.

They don’t understand that whatever they sell their skills for, a business has to then turn that purchase around and make a profit off customers from those bought skills. Buying bad skills, can threaten the ability for the company to profit, or at minimum, get good reviews. (See how that circled back?)

Entrepreneurs must understand how to navigate this landmine of unbalanced perspectives properly. If they don’t, they can find themselves out of business from the pressures, poor perspectives and their inability to communicate the right message, while fostering a healthy relationship with each other.  

This season on my podcast “Class is in Session” (premiering May 1, 2023), we will explore and discover the dynamics of the various relationships in doing business and how they can make or break the success of it. I look forward to lessons learned with you.


  • Professor Devin

    Professor Devin Robinson is the founder of Urban Business Institute, host of “Class is in Session” podcast, former economics professor at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA, an author of 11 books, including, "Blackpreneurship: 50 Obstacles Black Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them". He resides in John’s Creek, GA.


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