The Lion vs. The Deer

The most damaging part of a deer’s life isn’t when they are being attacked by a lion, it is living day by day not knowing if they will be attacked by a lion.

Not all lions attack deer. Lions don’t kill for sport. They kill for necessity. So if a lion isn’t hungry, a deer can peacefully graze the open plains in the presence of a lion. But… the thing is, the deer must still stay on alert. Why? The lion may decide it’s hungry.

If that lion decides to attack, the deer has no defense besides speed and evasion. This is because the lion has two main things, paws with claws and canine teeth. These two weapons can swipe, slap and hold down a deer, while their canine teeth makes the kill. It’s not the lion’s strength or population (cause they are often outnumbered) that gives them dominance. It’s their tools and how they choose to use them.

Think about this in the day to day of that deer’s life… trying to determine if a lion is a threat or not. And if there’s a threat, they live only if you’re aware, fast and evasive.

That’s the life of black people in America. No! Not all white people are threats. But black people live everyday not knowing who’s hungry and who’s not. There’s a deep down feeling blacks carry. When we travel. When we go on job interviews. When we get pulled over by police. When we move into non-black neighborhoods. When we shop.

There’s a constant element of threat we live with everyday. Meanwhile, the lions can ignore the deer if they choose to, and live their life… but the deer can’t ever let its guard completely down in the presence of the lion.

The white community’s paws, claws and canines are economic control, political strength, cultural cancellation, and setting the social norms.

Not being able to live fully at peace in a society brings damaging stress, and has its long-term effects. When others can live their lives oblivious to that lingering awareness blacks must live with, is a peace others have, they will never understand.

Black people have different defense mechanisms. Some are overly friendly with Whites. Others exhibit harsh behaviors against other blacks. Some shed their own culture to assimilate.

Whatever a black person chooses to do to survive in America and avoid the possibility of attack is their right. For me, I chose to grow canines.


  • Professor Devin

    Professor Devin Robinson is the founder of Urban Business Institute, host of “Class is in Session” podcast, former economics professor at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA, an author of 11 books, including, "Blackpreneurship: 50 Obstacles Black Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them". He resides in John’s Creek, GA.


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