5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fake It Until You Make It

So many people desire to be successful. Few take the time to get there correctly. It’s popular (and widely accepted) within our community to “fake it until you make it”. Some brag about it. Why? I can only speculate that part of it must be the adrenaline rush they get thinking they “beat the system”. 

The thing is, beating the system is one thing. Winning at it is another. Here my 5 reasons I don’t believe in that approach. In fact, I find it to be detrimental.

  1. You will embarrass and discredit yourself when people (customers, colleagues, etc.) learn the real you. 
  2. You will gain access to rooms your skills will not keep you in. 
  3. You will make it harder for those of our community who truly have the skills and accomplishments you’re faking to have. (Making the community skeptical of those who proclaim their success.)
  4. You will be selling customers short after they truly experience the diminished product you have to offer. 
  5. You will not gain the real necessary skills, because so much of your energy will be spent on the “cover-up”.

I know how eager it is for ambitious people to reap the rewards of success. However, success isn’t just about reaping the rewards for yourself, it is also about those around you reaping the rewards of what you offer. Take your time to get there the right way. Your success is equally about the journey as it is about the destination. 


  • Professor Devin

    Professor Devin Robinson is the founder of Urban Business Institute, host of “Class is in Session” podcast, former economics professor at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA, an author of 11 books, including, "Blackpreneurship: 50 Obstacles Black Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them". He resides in John’s Creek, GA.


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