Holiday Travel Destinations

When planning a holiday getaway, why not choose destinations that not only offer beautiful landscapes and exciting experiences but also celebrate African American culture and support Black-owned businesses? In this article, we’ll explore travel destinations perfect for the African American traveler during the holiday season. These destinations provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in rich cultural experiences while contributing to the economic growth of Black communities.

New Orleans, Louisiana – A Creole Christmas

New Orleans, famous for its vibrant music, unique cuisine, and rich cultural heritage, offers a one-of-a-kind holiday experience. Explore the French Quarter’s historic streets adorned with festive decorations. Don’t miss the annual “Christmas New Orleans Style” festival, featuring live jazz performances, Creole feasts, and holiday-themed second-line parades. Support local Black-owned restaurants serving up traditional Creole and Cajun dishes, such as gumbo and jambalaya.

Harlem, New York – The Heart of Black Culture

Harlem, a historic hub of African American culture, comes alive during the holiday season. Visit the Apollo Theater for a special holiday performance and explore the vibrant art scene. Shop at the local markets and boutiques, where you can find unique handmade gifts crafted by Black artisans. Dine at renowned Black-owned restaurants like Sylvia’s for soul food that warms the soul.

Nashville, Tennessee –Soulful Sounds and Holiday Cheer

Nashville may be famous for country music, but it’s also home to a thriving African American music scene. Enjoy soulful renditions of holiday classics at venues like the First Art Museum and the Nashville Symphony. Support Black-owned businesses in Germantown and North Nashville, where you can find everything from art galleries to cozy cafes.

Atlanta, Georgia –A Center of Black Excellence

Atlanta, a city steeped in African American history, offers numerous holiday events and attractions. Visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to pay tribute to the civil rights leader. Explore the Sweet Auburn district, home to many Black-owned businesses and restaurants. During the holiday season, the city’s vibrant neighborhoods come alive with festive lights and cultural celebrations.

Charleston, South Carolina –Gullah Traditions and Warm Hospitality

Charleston offers a unique holiday experience rooted in Gullah Geechee culture. Explore the historic district, where Gullah traditions come to life through storytelling, music, and art. Visit the Charleston City Market to support local Black artisans and find handmade gifts. Enjoy Gullah-inspired cuisine at Black-owned restaurants like Bertha’s Kitchen.

Accra, Ghana –Return to Your Roots

For a truly transformative holiday experience, consider visiting Accra, Ghana, as part of the “Year of Return” initiative. Explore the rich history of the transatlantic slave trade at sites like Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. Immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture, savor traditional dishes at local restaurants, and support Black-owned businesses, including markets and craft shops.


These holiday travel destinations offer not only memorable experiences but also opportunities to celebrate African American culture and support Black-owned businesses. Whether you choose to revel in the jazz of New Orleans, the soul of Harlem, or the warmth of Accra, your holiday getaway can be a meaningful and enriching experience that contributes to the prosperity of Black communities and fosters cultural appreciation.



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