beauty supply conferenceBeauty Supply Store Opening Conference

The Beauty Supply Store Opening Conference occurs bi-annually. This conference teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to become beauty supply store owners. The beauty supply business is a $15 billion industry that affords the each store average revenues of just over $700,000 annually. Over 90% of the consumers are black, while only 3% of blacks hold a retail ownership position. This conference affords great insight to the most novice entrepreneur and helps them break down barriers and opens doors that are closed to many unskilled industry individuals.

Dr-George-Fraser-PowerNetworking-ConferencePowerNetworking Conference

The World’s #1 Business & Networking Conference for Black Professionals, PowerNetworking Conference occurs annually in various parts of the country. Started in 2002, it attracts black professionals from across the globe. It is a conference that contains tons of workshops, luncheons, awards ceremonies and intimate networking opportunities. It occurs over a 3-4 day period and is one of the most valuable conferences for a young entrepreneur and entrepreneurs trying to make big strides for their business.

revolt music conferenceRevolt Music Conference

Revolt Music Conference is an annual conference held by music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs. The conference attracts many reputable icons with diverse roles in the music industry who attendees can have the ability to connect with, pick their brains and copy their skills. The music industry is a global multi-billion dollar business that blacks play a heavy role in. It is a great opportunity for blacks to get on the right side of the tracks and leverage their talent more properly.

DSC00531The SMART Business Conference: How-To Weekend

The “How-to Weekend” Conference is the first of its kind. It is a conference that focuses on “how to do” in direct relation to business, start-up, entrepreneurship, leadership and business growth. The conference takes place annually with dozens of workshops running throughout the 3-day conference. Each workshop is taught by experts in their field who has been successful at what they are teaching attendees to do. The conference attracts attendees from across the country giving attendees a crash course on “how to” in a field of their aspirations.

black life summitBlack Life Coaches Summit

The coaching industry has skyrocketed into a billion-dollar business with major upside potential. To become a good coach get affiliated with an organization that understands best practices. This summit is held annually in the Washington, DC area, attracting coaches from across the country. It allows coaches to better understand the business, gain access to the industry and learn how to be successful at coaching. It is a great event for blacks to experience.


NABHOOD is the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers. This organization holds an annual conference that takes place over 3 days to assist current and future hotel owners in gaining access and important information in hotel operations and ownership. Attendees can hear from experts in workshops and panel discussions and learn on how to develop independently-owned hotels and franchise opportunities.