What You Should Know About Charleston, South Carolina’s Largest Ever Black Food Truck Festival

2022 is a big year for Charleston, South Carolina, as the city has its largest Black Food Truck Festival this weekend. 

The event started as a passion project for founder and CEO Marcus Hammond. He wanted to create a space “for Black people by Black people” because other events in the city just didn’t cut it for Hammond. 

“I wanted to add some flavor here in Charleston because I went to a food festival here in Charleston, and it wasn’t giving me the flavor that I wanted,” he tells Travel Noire.”I was looking for a place where we could commune, have a good time, and enjoy food and music together.” 

Charleston, South Carolina, constantly ranks as a top travel destination, but Hammond says small businesses don’t always feel the economic impact or get the recognition they deserve. 

Charleston’s Cuisine Is Inspired By Black Culture

Food Truck

No matter where you are in the world, you will find that Black people – across the diaspora – have shaped music, dance, fashion, and cuisine.

Charleston, South Carolina, is no different.

More than 5,000 people got to taste and experience Charleston’s Black cuisine with just eight food trucks and a dozen vendors.

The first event was such a hit that Hammond’s team decided to bring it back a few months later, in April 2022, when the attendance tripled.

“The 15,000 people that came out in April tells us there’s a demand for what we’re providing,” he says. “For an event to grow that fast and in less than six months … on the community can do that.”

What To Expect November 2022

Food Truck

The Black Food Truck Festival will have more than 40 food trucks and a lot of variety.

“We want people to have easier access to food trucks and a diverse food selection,” says Hammond. “We also have bands from Atlanta and across South Carolina performing.”

Tickets can be purchased here.



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