Tyra Banks Exits ‘Dancing With The Stars’ To Focus On Entrepreneurship — ‘That Is What I Want To Be Known For’

Throughout Tyra Banks’ career, she has been widely recognized for modeling for countless iconic fashion houses. However, the supermodel is focused on building an empire in another market: ice cream.

TMZ reports that Banks is stepping down as the host of “Dancing with the Stars” to expand her ice cream company, SMiZE & DREAM. The businesswoman shared with TMZ that she’s working to bring the brand to the U.S. and globally.

“I feel it’s really time to focus on my business and my entrepreneurship,” Banks told the outlet.

“I think it’s time to graduate from the dance floor to the stock market floor.”

In February 2023, Banks launched the brand in the United Arab Emirates, where she partnered with Brunch & Cake for an ice cream “residency” at its restaurants, according to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

“Ice cream, it’s happiness for me,” Banks told the outlet. “No matter where I am in the world when I tell people that I have an ice cream company — it doesn’t matter if you are a head of state or the head of a school — the idea of ice cream just makes people happy.”

During the interview, Banks foreshadowed her commitment to fully embarking on her businessjourney.

“It’s interesting, one thing I don’t like is when I get introduced and they list off a whole bunch of different things I have done. Just because you’ve done something doesn’t mean that you deserve to be called that,” Tyra told the outlet. 

“I’ve written books but that doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily an author,” she continued. “I’ve acted but that doesn’t mean I’m an actor and I feel like it’s a little insulting to Nicole Kidman or Viola Davis or true actors. But where I put my energy now is what makes me the happiest, which is business, and that is what I want to be known for — being a businesswoman, being an entrepreneur.”




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