This Entrepreneur Went From 25 Years in Prison to Owning His Own Box Truck Delivery Company

Ed Hennings, an African American man from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who spent 20 years in prison, is now an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses including a trucking company called Go Time Trucking. Through his business, he does not only deliver goods but inspiration too.

In 1996, Hennings was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being convicted of first-degree reckless homicide. When he got out in 2016, he immediately turned his life around. He has since launched 3 businesses — his own barbershop, apparel line, and box truck fleet company, according to his interview on Fox Soul.

Go Time Trucking is aligned with Hennings’ goal to help those who are struggling in life to get back on their feet. He employs those who have the same background as him and inspires them by leading by example.

“Whether it be in prison or out here in the free world, there’s a lot of brokenness, so people need some inspiration and to know they can do it,” said Hennings, who is also a motivational speaker and author.

Learn more about Ed Hennings via his official website at

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