The 2023 Black Restaurant Week in Milwaukee is underway. Here are the participants.

Milwaukee’s foodies are about to get their chow on during the 8th annual Black Restaurant Week.

The event, which began Tuesday and runs until Sunday, features 18 eateries that offer an eclectic array of foods to whet anyone’s palate.

Black Restaurant Week is organized by BlankSpace MKE, an urban art collective, dedicated to the tenets of cooperative economics. The event offers an opportunity for Black-owned restaurants to reach new customers, and create avenues for patrons to support locally-owned Black businesses while showcasing the city’s great cuisine.

The number of restaurants, eateries, cafes and bakeries participating this year has increased since the return of in-person dining. In 2020, during the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, only 11 restaurants participated in Black Restaurant Week, compared with 18 this year.

“We were excited to hear that businesses were indeed bouncing back and felt ready to re-open operations and return to business as usual,” said Symphony Swan, who co-founded BlankSpaceMKE with Bridget Whitaker.

Many Black businesses, specifically those in the restaurant field, faced significant hardships because of the pandemic and were unable to recover, Swan added.

BlankSpaceMKE sees food entrepreneurs as creatives. And Whitaker said it is important that all creatives support and foster an ecosystem of sustainability among each other.

“We center our week on the essence of cooperative economics and look to leverage the collective buying power of a community to build wealth that returns its value in business growth, economic growth, and legacy for future generations of entrepreneurs,” she said.

Here’s what you need to know about Black Restaurant Week.

When is Black Restaurant Week?

Tuesday, April 25, through Sunday, April 30.

How does Black Restaurant Week work?

No coupons are required. All restaurants offer specials in recognition of the event. But Crave BBQ and Brooks’ Balance Kitchen are offering new menu items special for this week. 

Here’s who’s participating this year

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