Most people that work for money find themselves disgruntled after awhile. Why? It’s because when we think we’re working for money, were actually working for the things we bought with that money. Most times, the things we bought aren’t things that really bring us long-term fulfillment either.


Every human being is born with a compensable purpose. However, very few people find it. We wind up getting distracted by the allures and challenges of life that prompts many of us to chase money as the quick fix. As we are introduced to newer allures and further challenges, we find ourselves on a treadmill money-chasing. Most of our financial problems are self-inflicted. This means that money will NEVER solve our problems. I’ll prove it. Look at your bank account. How much has it risen in the past 3 years? I don’t mean look at your cash flow or income. I mean look at the growth of your accounts. Some of you are too ashamed to look at the facts. If you can’t handle the truth and be willing to fix it, you can’t fathom being in business for yourself, solving other people’s problems.

We struggle with understanding how to forecast, consume and allocate in ways that our financial problems become mere inconveniences that are easily taken care of without the need for debt or handouts.

As an economics professor and veteran entrepreneur, I find one of the most interesting things about paper money is that it’s a fairly new concept to mankind. We once worked on a bartering system, only trading what’s important to us to acquire things that we could use. That concept has been thrown out the window. Now we work for money, with no real purpose of what we will use that money for; with no real plan of how that money will bring us long-term fulfillment. We merely work for lifestyle until we can “afford” retire. The result… powerless people being gunned down in the streets… but, hey, I digress.


You shouldn’t be working to make money. You should be working to make a difference; whether directly with the work you do or indirectly with the money you earn. You are able to make a difference in your work when you find what makes you different from the rest. You have to find the thing that excites you; the thing that wakes you up every day with no need for an alarm clock. Then, use the money you earn to create a life of doing your purpose full-time. The most money is earned by people who are doing it through their purpose.


Paper money is evaporating. We are now merging to plastic money. But one thing that shouldn’t ever evaporate is your reason for being and your healthy mental state from living in your daily fulfillment.



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