SPERGO Founder Trey Brown Recalls Retiring His Mom at 13 Years Old

Today’s generation is breeding an influx of young, exceptional entrepreneurs. Among that talent is Trey Brown.

The teen founder and Philly native is behind SPERGO — a unisex designer lifestyle brand. As previously reported by AfroTech, since launching his line, he has generated millions and landed a “Shark Tank” deal.

“What inspired me to start a business was when I had $170 for my birthday and I [already] had a little business, but this time I was getting more into fashion,” said Brown in an exclusive interview with AfroTech in 2022. “So, this time I was looking into starting a clothing business, and like before, I just always aimed to do something different.”

Right by his side running SPERGO is his mother, and Spergo’s COO, Sherell Peterson. Back in 2021, Brown recalled how he paid it forward to her.

Before her leadership role in the company, she was an elementary school teacher for the School District of Philadelphia. However, in an interview with Social Proof, Brown shared he was able to retire her at age 13 in November 2019. 

“The reason why I wanted to get my mom retired is just because we were working so much after she finished her job,” Brown explained. “My mom was doing her job — and then plus we were staying out to two, three a.m. in the morning every day just doing deliveries and working on different things. And I said, ‘Mom you know what, I’m going to retire you.’”

Although Peterson was nervous about the decision in the beginning, Brown kept his word. Then, he said that his mom being retired allowed them to be more present for opportunities such as connecting with Diddy and opening up their storefront.

“I wanted to retire her so she could be present full-time with the family,” he shared during the interview. “And also so she could help me work on SPERGO more — take SPERGO to a whole ‘nother level…In January, February, we just started going off with SPERGO.”

He added: “Now, my mom she’s able to run the store. She’s able to work on personal things. Now, my mom can get a massage anytime she wants. She can go on vacations, do whatever she wants to do.”

Retiring his mom wasn’t the only goal on Brown’s list of goals. In 2022, the teenager told us that he aims to become a millionaire by age 21.

Based on his moves, Brown may be on his way as he also shared that the brand has managed to bring in over $1 million in sales.

Plus, according to the SPERGO website, there are two brick-and-mortar locations — one in King of Prussia Mall and the other in Pentagon City Mall.



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