Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These 10 Black-Owned Cookie Companies

African-American cuisine has inspired food cultures and palettes around the world. From desserts to fried chicken, the Black influence can be tasted in restaurants and in kitchens everywhere. That same influence has trickled over into baked goods.

With National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day just passed, there’s no better way to celebrate than by indulging in some of our favorite Black-owned cookie companies. Whether sold in stores or online, these tasty brands have dedicated their lives to creating the perfect sweet treats guaranteed to compliment a cold glass of milk on a late night. Here are some of our favorite Black-owned cookie companies to try on this cookie-inspired holiday.

1. Sweet Mae’s Cookies

Gourmet, stuffed dessert delights, Sweet Mae’s Cookies Co. is rooted in legacy and family. The company specializes in 100 percent homemade, premium cookies that are sold in packs of four. The recipes were inspired by the owner Tiffany watching generations of women in her family bake delicious treats, all the way back to her great-grandmother Fannie Mae. Tiffany’s early food memories have cultivated into amazing flavors like Maple Ginger Molasses, Spiked White Chip, and Peach Cobbler. A brand woven together by tradition and love, Sweet Mae’s is the family-friendly cookie you need in your pantry. 

2. Partake Cookies

With Black children being at a higher risk of developing food allergies than others, Partake Cookies is the allergy-friendly, sweet treat kids deserve. Created by Denise Woodard, the concerned mom developed the dessert brand after her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Partake Cookies are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. The cookies also are free of the top nine allergens which include wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, sesame, and shellfish.

3. Mia’s Treats Delight

Created by 14-year-old Tamia from St. Louis, MO, Mia’s Treats Delight is the result of her spending hours in the kitchen watching her grandmother cook. Now she bakes her own brownies, cakes, and, of course, cookies and sells them to customers across the country. Mia’s Treats offers classic flavors that everyone loves and a portion of the sales from her baked goods go towards fighting homelessness in her community. Through baking cookies, Mia hopes to inspire other kids to dream bigger and achieve their goals. 

4. Kookie Kartel

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Kookie Kartel is a gourmet cookie company with goodies straight from sweet tooth heaven. In addition to classic flavors like Chocolate Chip, the Kartel also has an abundance of other cookie treats like Cookie Shooters and Jars. Flavors like Iced Oatmeal Cookies, Butter Pecan, and Oatmeal Cranberry sound like a dessert lover’s dream and we can’t wait to try their Southern Praline Nuts once we’ve finished the cookies. Treats from Kookie Kartel can be purchased online and you can also find them at markets around the Phoenix area. 

5. Goodness Gracious Cookies

A Memphis-based company created by Cookiepreneur Megan Mottley, Goodness Gracious Cookies has luxury baked goods that cater to your inner sweet tooth. Mottley opened the business in 2016 after she sold cookies to raise money for her daughter to take a trip to Japan. The fundraiser was a huge success and Goodness Gracious gourmet delights was brought to life. The company sells fresh cookies by the dozen as well as cookie dough so you can bake at home with your family. 

6. Juanita’s Jar

Bite-sized cookies with a message, Juanita’s Jar creates bold, flavorful snacks that you can grab on the go. The brand hopes to share a message of hope with everyone who pops open one of their signature, white packages and they hope to inspire conversation and dialogue with every bite. Favorite flavors like oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies can be found in select Target locations across the country.

7. Gooey On The Inside Cookies

Created by a self-proclaimed emotional eater with a love for all things cookies, Gooey On The Inside was the result of an experiment gone right. The owner desired to make the perfect cookie; crispy on the outside with a gooey soft center. Her cookie experiments were successful and the treats are now some of the best cookies you’ll find in NYC. Gooey On The Inside puts twists on traditional flavors to create new, iconic cookies with unforgettable tastes. 

8. Sugar In Your Tank

A Black-owned bakery in Houston, Sugar In Your Tank bakes fresh cookies daily that locals can’t get enough of. Owner Desmond Briggs grew up watching his grandma bake sweet treats in her kitchen back in Memphis, but he’d never considered professionally baking himself. When he moved to Houston and met his partner, Briggs opened the bakery after receiving rave reviews about his baked goods at their housewarming. Sugar In Your Tank has a variety of cookies, cakes, and other treats that keep folks coming back for more. 

9. Sweet Little Things

Based in Harrisburg, PA, Sweet Little Things creates beautiful edible art that is so wonderfully made that you won’t want to eat it. The company seems to be able to make any type of gourmet cookie to fit any occasion or special moment. From 420 to Sesame Street, this cookie company can create any custom cookie your heart desires. 

10. Crumbs Cookie Station

A homemade cookie company straight out of Michigan, Crumbs Cookie Station recently landed in Meijers stores and has a gourmet taste that is unlike any other cookie company out there. The brand has flavors like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin and continues to raise the bar when it comes to dynamic cookie creation.



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