Nantale Muwonge Named Entrepreneur of the Year by Black Women Marketers

Founder of Black Girl PR, Nantale Muwonge, has been selected as Black Women Marketers 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year.

The award designates an agency owner who is building and sustaining a successful agency, according to a press release.

“Every day Black women contribute to marketing campaigns and strategies with our expertise and intellect. Our cultural competency has made advertising what it is today, and for that, we’ve created these awards to honor women often overlooked in this industry. Being selected as a Black Women Marketers Achievement Award winner means you’re backed by more than 300 [plus] women who believe you’re beyond impressive as a marketer,” says Jasmine Gibson, founder of Black Women Marketers.

According to BWM, Muwonge was selected because she excels in the fulfillment of her assigned roles and responsibilities as it pertains to the marketing industry; she exhibits the highest standards of professionalism, commitment, integrity, and accountability in her work; she has made an important and notable contribution to the achievement of the mission and goals of Black women in the marketing industry; and she aligns with the mission and vision of Black Women Marketers.

“My goal with Black Girl PR is to lift Black women up to receive the recognition they deserve, so to be recognized by Black Women Marketers is so affirming. They’re an incredible organization! They give us a voice, a supportive community and a safe space to be, so they’re doing very impactful work,” says Muwonge .

“And being among Black women in marketing who are the forefront of innovation is an honor”

Nantale Muwonge

Muwonge has helped 2,500 plus entrepreneurs increase their market share over the last two years. She educates them on marketing and digital PR best practices and provides them with an action plan to increase their visibility, so they reach more people in order to have a bigger impact. For the core group of clients who’ve been through The Brand Impact Program™, Muwonge has helped them expand their reach to a potential audience of 2,655,567,400 plus, and increase their website traffic and sales by up to 60 percent.

They’ve been featured on major platforms like Essence, Fox TV, Insider, MSN, Rolling Out, Shondaland, Time and Yahoo News. And in addition to visibility and website traffic, the media exposure has brought them brand partnerships, corporate sponsorships, awards, and more importantly, it’s helped them claim their rightful place as leaders in their industries.

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