Microsoft Store to Host The BarberTime Media Network’s Launch in Atlanta and DC Areas!

Announcing the launch of The BarberTime Media Network, Inc (BarberTime), a dynamic new digital advertising and streaming media tool, offering advertising and up-to-date informational content to barbershops and beauty salons, via online and in-shop, touch screen monitors. The innovative media tool creates a better branding experience for the beauty and hair industry via ad partners, discounted deals for their consumers and creates residual income and special benefits for the barbershop and salon owners.

“We believe our media platform will change how business is done. The BarberTime Media Network merges information, commerce, and entertainment — everything on a touch-screen streaming live right in your shop,” explains, Euan Davis BarberTime’s founder/CEO of BarberTime.

Beauty salons and barber shops have always been the center of communities.  In fact, the beauty and hair business is a $425 billion industry and oftentimes flourishes even during tough economic times — it may be almost recession-proof!

Eliza Mulcahy, Community Development Specialist for Microsoft, reiterates, “this sector’s strength is attributed to the fact that most people come together where there is a purpose, and they feel their voice is heard. In the hair and beauty industries across the country, these businesses are thriving and working on behalf of their communities to make things better.”

Microsoft and BarberTime: What started in Boston during the fall of 2017, at the Boston’s Prudential Center’s Microsoft retail store, was the unveiling of what is soon to be the newest national technological sensation: The BarberTime Media Network, a groundbreaking social media tool “that raises the bar” in the hair and beauty industry nationwide.  Microsoft’s hosting of our mission to spotlight this industry, with LIVE streaming social media events and local leaders along the East Coast, will allow BarberTime to establish a continuously visible, word of mouth and shareable platform like no other.

With current installations taking place in Atlanta and the Microsoft Workshop in the Alpharetta, GA location on March 12th from 2-5pm, BarberTime’s media power grows, and people are taking notice.

And with the next stop soon after in Arlington, VA on Sunday, April 8th, the DC area can expect the same excitement coming their way!

Attendees will learn more about industry related Microsoft software, and BarberTime will choose several locations, per city, to host our revolutionary digital communication platform. Make no mistake these will be a must-see media event.

VIP speakers include:

Barber: Samuel Glickman of the Georgia Barbers Association & Privado by SG,
Barber: Brea Retic manager of Barbers for Days in Marietta
Barber: Jason Yancey who works on movie sets like Avengers, Black Panther and Godzilla  
Barber: Johnn Belt of Premiere Clipper CO. & Magic Touch

Hair and beauty business owners are some of the finest communicators and offer the best local networking and brand building environments. However, the world is changing, and these communities need a better way to connect and share information. With the “Microsoft Stores Tour by BarberTime,” we will offer a new way to connect with the community—and the world!

For event details, please contact The BarberTime Media Network, Inc., Office: (877) 427-1177, Email:, Website:


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