Meet The Founder of the Fastest-Growing Black-Owned Digital Marketing Agency in Dayton, Ohio

Nate Dillard, founder and CEO of LunarX Agency, has partnered with four other Black-owned digital marketing agencies (Qme Spotlight, Eleviv Creative Agency, Heartland Marketing, and Hunter Brand Consulting) to launch a new suite of wrap-around consulting services called ElevateX Business Ecosystem. Dillard says that now is the perfect time to bring together the different companies to form a collective.

Our goal was to create a strategic alliance of five stand-out, Black-owned consulting agencies,” says Dillard, whose company is based in Dayton, Ohio. “We combined forces to bring the ecosystem’s clients more long-term, scalable and sustainable growth. We believe we’re stronger together especially after seeing so many small business owners of color struggle to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

ElevateX Agency gives clients more flexibility and capability on meeting deliverables for their projects. The expanded team of consultants ensures the agency can be an essential one-stop shop on just about any kind of endeavor.

Dillard adds that ElevateX can ensure any potential client can become or remain a vanguard in today’s digital landscape.

“Each agency within the ecosystem contributes numerous in-demand services and skills to our collective,” he said. “Our mission is to collectively leverage our combined skill sets to elevate game-changing brands, businesses, and organizations for the
post-pandemic digital economy and beyond.”

The tech offerings from Qme Spotlight will continue breaking ground for the industry. The software development arm of ElevateX creates custom environments for clients called community portals as a service (CPaaS). CPaaS software empowers its users to cultivate digital communities to include educational resources, job opportunities, business marketplaces and more in their online communities.

“Qme’s innovative tech portfolio of CPaaS solutions enables communities to work through and solve significant challenges they face on a daily basis,” said Bentley Charlemagne, founder and CEO of Qme Spotlight. “Businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, media publishers and even the farming industry can benefit from having their own proprietary community environment.”

Eleviv Creative Agency serves as the branch that can bring out the flare on any type of writing or creative media for clients.

“Content creation and creative design is an essential part of any business,” said Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie, founder of Eleviv Creative Agency. “The new frontier in business is collaboration. With the merging of these companies, ElevateX is creating an ecosystem that allows all agencies involved to expand their reach while continuing to focus on their core competencies.”

ElevateX launching is part of the natural progression for LunarX. Since its founding in 2019, LunarX has served numerous clients including government entities, universities, and national nonprofits.

Incorporating LunarX’s business model of holding equity in several of the clients it serves can benefit the companies comprising ElevateX.

“LunarX Agency retains equity in several companies and organizations to stay nimble while generating revenue in different sectors,” said Dillard. “I can’t wait to see the various kinds of partnerships and business models now that we can scale it with ElevateX.”

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