Meet The Black Dadpreneur and Owner of Africa-Shaped Luxury Designer Bag Line

Ghanian designer Archyn Orijin is the inventor of the popular Africa-shaped genuine leather bags being sold worldwide. As the founder and CEO of Orijin Culture, he designs and produces luxury backpacks, cross-body bags, handbags, and other accessories. His passion for the African diaspera is so deep that he has even named his youngest daughter ‘Africa’.

At the intersection of culture, travel, and design, Orijin Culture is a Philadelphia-based Afro-heritage label creating luxe handbags and accessories that carry the culture to any destination.


The eponymous label first garnered mass attention when their unisex Africa-shaped bag went viral. The story behind the bag actually began over fifteen years ago back when the brand was called Orijin Culture Magazine. As Archyn received feedback from readers expressing a desire to identify with their African roots, he began envisioning a tangible product that would inspire a cultural connection.

Truly a dream-turned-reality, this product came to fruition after Archyn had a dream of a woman wearing Africa on her back while walking boldly through a crowd that parted in respectful admiration as she passed through. From this dream, Archyn began a four-year process of working with a skilled team of artisans in Ghana to perfect the bag’s shape which has been sculpted into the beautiful image of Africa.

By 2016, not only did his product come to life, but him and his wife welcomed a baby girl, and they decided to name her ‘Africa’.


The result was a unique piece of wearable art made from premium materials for optimal durability and versatility.

Orijin Culture has since expanded their label to include an exclusive range of convertible luxury bags, symbolic jewelry, statement eyewear, and signature apparel. The brand always intends for the wearer to be the center of conversation — carrying the culture to any destination. Follow the brand on Instagram @orijinculture.

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