Meet Diana Lynch, Developer of the First Golf Resort in Dominican Republic

Diana Lynch, Esq  has spent the majority of her professional career practicing law. As a founding member of the award- winning Lynch Law Group law firm in Atlanta. For over 25 years representing notables in the sports and entertainment industry, Lynch has built a reputation as one of the elite attorneys in Georgia. Now she has her sights set on the Dominican Republic. As CEO and real estate developer of Tempat Sala, she’s leading the way in constructing our very first black- owned golf resort & spa in Samaná Bay.

Diana Lynch

Although, this isn’t Lynch’s first rodeo when it comes to real estate. As an attorney, she specializes in real estate law. Also another one of her business ventures, Lynch Land Holdings, LLC is developing new properties in the city of Atlanta. But her main purpose isn’t just acquiring wealth for herself, it’s inspiring the Black community to take on more ownership. As a developer for Tempat Sala, she focused on collecting her first wave of investments from Black professionals. These individuals were colleagues or friends and family that have also fallen in love with Samaná, Dominican Republic. What initially started as just a few getaways to Samaná, now has become into one of the most monumental projects in the history of Black ownership in real estate.

The Samaná Peninsula sits on the northeastern tip of the Dominican Republic and stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean. Samaná has always been known to have uninhabited white beaches and a mountainous landscape. Diana Lynch’s Tempat Sala group purchased over 600 acres of land in this beautiful region of the Dominican Republic to build their resort.  What makes this acquisition even more special is that the land was once inhabited by African slaves. Making the purchase of the land is just as symbolic as it will be profitable but also changes the perception of purchasing power in the African American community.

The Resort

Diana Lynch

The resort will feature a world- class professional golf course, condominiums, a village with cafes and restaurants, a holistic experience, and a sports facility for athletes to work out and rehabilitate. Lynch’s Tempat Sala team have hired the best experts in the world to develop the Samaná Bay Resort. With plans to also incorporate an eco-friendly approach to protect and preserve the natural environment surrounding the resort as well. Even more exciting, investors in the residential area of the resort will have the option to choose from five property types. From garden villas to tree top villas ranging from 2 – 3 bedroom units at 2000 to 3000 square feet. Also, customizable lots that offer views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Diana Lynch and the Tempat Sala team have plans to go public with their Samaná Bay project in October. Welcoming more investors to take part in the beginning stages of what could become a monumental moment in Black history of the world.



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