Founder of Black-Owned Real Estate Academy Now Offers Real Estate Investing Courses

Meet Lanessa Pettigrew, the founder and CEO of Apex Real Estate Academy based in Powder Springs, Georgia. She first opened the academy four years ago but has been a real estate broker herself for over 25 years.

Lanessa has recently expanded her academy’s offerings to offer non-licensed classes to those who are interested in real estate investing. She talks about the pros and cons of investing and how to avoid some costly pitfalls.

“I want to see more Black people investing in real estate so I created more classes, and although we are expanding what the academy offers, our prices will remain affordable,” Lanessa says. “I saw that other so-called gurus were charging an extreme amount of money and I really wanted to keep my prices reasonable. In fact, we even offer our students the option to make installment payments.”

She says that she has tried to remove every stumbling block possible because she knows that generational wealth starts with owning real estate and wants to see as many people learn.

The investment courses will include “How to Make Money Buying Liens or Certificates”, “How to Fix and Flip Real Estate”, and “How to Wholesale Real Estate.”

For more details and/or to sign up for the academy, visit

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