Founder of Black-Owned Day Spa Celebrates 10+ Years of Healing Domestic Abuse Survivors

Cindy Tawiah, founder of The Diva Project based in Baltimore County, Maryland, is celebrating her organization’s 15th anniversary of transforming the lives of women who have suffered from domestic abuse. Cindy is a nationally recognized entrepreneur known as the creator of the Diva by Cindy brand, the first natural hair care brand to launch a natural hair care vending machine at BWI airport.

The special occasion will take place on October 30th from 9am to 4pm at the Diva by Cindy Day Spa located in the city of Upperco, Maryland. The mission of the Diva Project is to heal, restore, and transform the lives of women who have been victims of domestic abuse as well as to pamper each woman so that they have a special and unique experience. The project offers wellness services, workshops, and counseling centered on restoring their beauty from the inside out. Additionally, a number of guest speakers and beauty experts will be in attendance. The event is sponsored by Cindy and her husband, Samuel, who built the Diva by Cindy brand together.

The Diva Project has been established since October 2004 and has been sustained through partnerships with transitional facilities in Baltimore, Maryland. Cindy has always had a passion and commitment to women who suffered from domestic abuse. She detailed the trauma she suffered as a young woman in her book Metamorphosis: Finding Your Purpose, Finding Your Passion, Finding U. Cindy has vowed to give back to those who have experienced the suffering that she experienced.

The Diva By Cindy brand has been featured all over the world in venues such as the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport, Black Enterprise magazine, the Drew Barrymore Show, and in Ghana, Accra. The company has even launched the “The Diva Day Spa and Healing Center” which offers traditional spa services such as sauna treatments, foot detoxes, full-body massages, and hydrotherapy as well as wellness workshops and events.

The Diva Day Project would not have been possible without the support of those in the community who have a heart for those who have suffered from abuse. Cindy comments, “We would love to expand the Diva Project beyond Baltimore, Maryland and we need your help to make this happen. Join us in our desire to become the change we desire to see in our world. We are soliciting business sponsors and partners, and including the media in all areas to offer support. We are changing the world, one Diva at a time.”

See how the Diva Project is changing lives. Check out the ABC news segment on the Diva Project, which originally aired on December 2013. For more information and to support the Diva Project, call 410-429-4729, or email 

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