Flo Rida To Launch Energy Drink Following $82M Victory Against Celsius

We’ve heard the phrase, “if you can’t beat them join them.” However, that doesn’t apply to Flo Rida.

The rapper has announced the launch of the energy drink brand JettSet1, which follows a pretty sweet victory that led him to pocket $82 million. As AfroTech previously told you, he took energy drink company Celsius to court and was looking for $30,000 in damages due to a breach of a 2014 contract.

As part of the contract, Flo Rida should have received compensation in the form of stock options or a bonus.

Neither option was paid to him. The company also did not update him when their sales increased nor show transparency about their financial earnings.

The civil complaint credited Flo Rida for “launching a new era for the company’s brand development, growth, and expansion” as well as for marketing Celsius to “millions around the world.”

The court ruled in Flo Rida’s favor and awarded him $82,640,450 in damages, of which $27 million constitutes the 250,000 shares that were earned under the contract.

Since his time in court, Flo Rida appears to be using his dollars wisely. He announced a new energy drink released under his recently launched JettSet1 Enterprises.

“Coming from the success of Celsius, when they had no name and the marketing was very little, I took that product and I took it worldwide,” Flo Rida said during an interview with Insider. “This is the thing that we wanna do with JettSet1.”

He continued: “I already know the field. Celsius is great, but at the same time, we want to take something and make it even greater, even healthier.”

The energy drink will be made with “healthy, responsible ingredients” and promises customers will “get the best out of their immune system.”

“Everyone knows me as a guy who works out,” Flo Rida explained to Insider. “You look at my music videos like ‘Good Feeling’ and they are a reflection of me and my healthy lifestyle. That’s what we want JettSet1 to be.”

For curious minds looking to get their hands on the drinks, you will have to wait until the drink hits shelves in 2024.




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