Entrepreneurship Requires Emotional Intelligence

Building a successful business is an emotional journey.  From vision to manifestation, entrepreneurial efforts teach us so much about ourselves.  It awakens things within us that we didn’t know existed, and challenges us in ways we never thought possible.   While everyone wants to succeed, the struggles of entrepreneurship can sideline the best of us at one time or another.   For some, it’s the challenge of staying committed, for others, it’s holding the vision, or being vulnerable, or pushing past fear.  If you’re an entrepreneur, I’m sure you know that staying the course isn’t always easy.  In fact, it rarely is.  This is just one of the pitfalls that comes with leadership.

Sometimes it takes a heart of steel and skin of leather to withstand them.  But you do it, because you’re called to do so.  You’re committed to producing a result.  You promised yourself that you would leave the world a better place.  And, whether you are a widget producer or a miracle worker, keeping your commitments takes self-awareness, spiritual fortitude, and emotional intelligence.  In fact, research from Harvard Business School demonstrated that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is twice as important as IQ and technical knowledge in determining success!

What is EQ?  Emotional intelligence (EQ – Emotional IQ) if the ability to identify, control, and evaluate emotions.  It’s your ability to recognize emotions in yourself and others, to evaluate their usefulness, and to adjust your thoughts and actions accordingly.  As a leadership tool, EQ technology is highly useful.  EQ savvy entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers, and visionaries of all types know how to sideline anxiety and emotional tension, de-escalate confrontation, and inspire teamwork calmly and confidently, bringing self-awareness, empathy, passion, and perseverance to bear in the most challenging of circumstances.

When you can identify what you’re feeling and the cause and effects of those feelings, your ability to transform and transcend challenges expands exponentially. In addition to the field of busin

ess and leadership, EQ technology has been applied in schools to help children develop prosocial behaviors and coping skills with great success.  As a tool for building relationships, EQ helps people understand themselves and to relate to others in a way that is both respectful and mutually empowering.  It’s easy to see why successful leaders all over the world are adding EQ to their list of best practices.  After all, successful businesses are built on successful relationships, and that’s what EQ is all about.  Learn more about EQ technology and its applications from books by Dr. Daniel Goleman – available on Amazon.

Are you ready to test your EQ?  *Here are some helpful questions to get your started:

  • Can I can stay calm under pressure?
  • Do I manage setbacks effectively?Entrepreneurship Requires Emotional Intelligence
  • How well do I manage anxiety, stress, anger, and fear in pursuit of my goals?
  • Am I able to accept criticism and apply it appropriately?
  • Do I recognize how my behaviors and those of others affect the collective?
  • Am I able to listen to others without jumping to judgments or conclusions?
  • Am I able to see things from a different perspective?

*Questions borrowed from Institute for Health and Human Potential EQ Quiz.  Get your EQ Score when you take the entire quiz at Test Your Empowerment IQ at


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