Entrepreneur Turns Renting Out Designer Bags into a Side Hustle Earning $5K to $10K Monthly

Passive income is the way to go in this economy, and one woman is using her love of designer bags to get to the money!

After a friend offered to pay Princess Dior to borrow one of her designer handbags, a light bulb went off in her head, equipping her with the vision to turn her closet into a check by offering up luxury goods for rent.

“They paid me to use my Dior bag for a video shoot. It was my home girl so I would’ve given it to her, but she paid me for it. She gave me $200,” Princess explained during the Millionaire Mindsets podcast. “So, I was sitting down like ‘Dang, she just gave me $200.’ I’m looking like I got like five Dior bags, I got like six Louis [Vuittons], I got a whole bunch of Gucci bags and clothes, that I’ve only worn one time because you know when you wear a print one time, or a Dior or Gucci, you can’t wear it again. So, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna make a business outta this.’”

1. Turning Her Closet Into A Paycheck

From there, Princess began to tap in with her connections and offered up her closet to various stylists, rappers, YouTubers, photographers, or anyone who was shooting content. It was then that her clientele began to grow. Princess would offer up her designer items in her closet for a small fee and thus, creators would have exactly what they needed for various shoots without breaking the bank to land the items.

“I started renting out all of my luxury items and making like five, ten thousand dollars part-time doing that every single month,” she explained.

Princess also detailed how she landed work with one of her biggest clients.

2. Thinking Outside Of The Box

“A friend of a friend asked if I had an exclusive Hermès bag, and so I told her I didn’t have it, but I would go find it,” she shared.

After using a photo shared by the woman to locate the bag, Princess soon found herself making $5,000 a day just by loaning the designer bag out to the woman.

“It’s stuff that you can do if you just think outside of the box,” Princess continued. “You literally have a six-figure business in your closet that you don’t even think about.”




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