Emmy® Award Winning Director, Nick Nanton, Partners with Russell Brunson to Co-Produce Documentary on Anti-Human Trafficking Organization, Operation Underground Railroad

Nick Nanton partners with Serial Entrepreneur Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels, to co-produce the upcoming short film, tentatively titled “O.U.R.: Operation Underground Railroad and the Fight to End Modern Day Slavery,” where they’ll reveal the story of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Former Homeland Security Special Agent/Undercover Operator and CIA analyst, Tim Ballard, founded O.U.R. based on multiple experiences of knowing where children were being trafficked across the globe, but not being able to help them in his federal role if there was no connection to the U.S. government. The film follows Ballard as he leads the anti-human trafficking organization on their mission to change the world through rescuing and rehabilitating children who have been trafficked.

“There is so much tragedy in the world, and I see so much of it on a daily basis with the work we do at O.U.R. to help save children across the world who are being trafficked. But there is also so much hope and redemption in the stories that are not being told of those who are being rescued and are being given a second chance at life. We are thrilled to be working with Nick and Russell and the rest of the team on this documentary. It’s an amazing opportunity to share with the world how much progress can be made when a group of people say ‘enough is enough’ and band together to make a difference,” said Ballard.

Russell Brunson’s generous support to create the film will help bring awareness and aid in the fight against human slavery. When Brunson first brought the idea of the film to Nanton he knew it was a story that was worth being told and something he had to be a part of. “What these guys are doing is nothing short of incredible. I’m so happy to be able to play a part in spreading their message. Most people have no idea how many women and children are being trafficked and in most cases, they think that it is not happening in their city. They are wrong. I had no idea of the breadth and depth of this problem until I got involved with O.U.R.,” said Nanton.

The film will portray O.U.R’s mission to help save children all across the globe and features a mission where they teamed up with officials in Haiti to arrest human traffickers, save children, and send a strong message to its country that the trafficking of children will not be tolerated. Featured in this movie are Tony Robbins, Glenn Beck, Congresswoman Mia Love, Senator Orrin Hatch, members of the casts of Miss Saigon and Phantom of the Opera, and many others.

Brunson stated, “Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to use their creativity and innovation to make the world a better place. As the CEO of ClickFunnels, I see every day the impact entrepreneurs have on the world through the products and services that they sell. Then you look at an organization like O.U.R. -a community of people who are going into the darkest places on Earth to rescue kids from situations that are worse than our scariest nightmares, and it hits you just how important it is to get as much visibility and support to them as possible. So many people don’t realize the pervasiveness of human trafficking all over the world, yes, even in the United States. When I first realized how dire the situation is, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  I am absolutely honored to be alongside Tim Ballard and his team providing whatever resources and talents we have to get his message on a national and global platform.”


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