Disney World’s First Black-Owned Food Truck Promotes Health Diet

Robyn and Zak Wallace’s food truck Local Green Orlando has found a new home in Disney Springs as the first Black-owned food truck at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Multi-platinum songwriter “Big Zak” and his wife Robyn first opened their Local Green restaurant in Atlanta in 2018 after tragedy struck both of their families. The weight of their family members passing forced the couple to take a different look at their approach to dietary habits and moved them to want to share healthier food options with their community.

“I lost my brother, and my wife lost her mother to cancer,” Zak shared with Travel Noire. “When you’re sick with illnesses such as cancer or high blood pressure, doctors will tell you not to eat fried foods, eat lean meat and vegetables, and no pork or beef. If you can’t eat this while you’re sick, these things shouldn’t be eaten if you’re feeling good.”

Local Green was created in part as a healing journey for the pair and a tribute to their late relatives. They offer healthy fast food in an otherwise food desert, an area that lacks access to affordable fruits and vegetables to sustain a healthy diet, in an effort to offset diet-related deaths. 

According to experts at a state Senate committee, Georgia has one of the highest densities of food deserts of the country.“ We wanted to bring something to our community without sacrificing the taste,” says Zak. “We know our culture tends to like soul food, barbecue, fried food … but it’s affecting our health. Of the illnesses plaguing our community, the top three killers are hypertension, cancer, and diabetes.”

While the healthy fast food eatery saw success, they took the opportunity to expand when Disney made the call, and made their way to Disney Springs in Orlando.

The first Black-owned food truck at Disney World, they offer vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian options, named after some of the South’s celebrated musicians as well as a dedication to Zak’s musical passion.

Dish names include the likes of the Oh Boy Beyond Burger, the Bubba Sparxx Pulled BBQ sandwich, the Rappers Delight Salmon Philly, 3 Stack Cauliflower Taco, and more.

“When eating here, we hope people realize that you can control your life by what you eat and removing the negative things,” Zak adds. “Put yourself first on your to-do list and think about the people most impacted by your daily dietary choices.”



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