Buy From A Black Woman Celebrates 7 Years of Serving Black Women

Buy From A Black Woman is celebrating seven years of serving Black Women Business Owners. The nonprofit organization advocates for Black Women-Owned Brands at the retail and consumer level, while also providing education, funding, community and support to Black Women Business Owners across the globe.

In the last year alone, Buy From A Black Woman has driven $2.7 Million+ in revenue, grown their online community to over 200,000 allies, and garnered public support from brand ambassadors Brandy, Cleo Wade and Tracee Ellis Ross. The nonprofit also secured partnerships with major brands like H&M, PayPal, Masterclass and other organizations dedicated to community development.

“Buy From A Black Woman started as a blog. I was buying from Black Women and writing about their products because nobody else was highlighting them in a way that made them more accessible to online shoppers,” says Founder of Buy From A Black Woman, Nikki Porcher.

“The fact that we’ve now grown into the highest-ranking online directory for Black Women-Owned Brands and we’re one of the biggest communities for Black Women Business Owners in the world is proof that the challenges we face as Black Women just can’t keep us from our purpose,” adds Nikki.

The fact that we’ve grown into the highest-ranking online directory for Black Women-Owned Brands is proof that the challenges we face as Black Women can’t keep us from our purpose.

— Nikki Porcher

Buy From A Black Woman has reached this seven-year milestone despite the fact that 30.6% of small businesses fail by the end of year two, 80% of Black-owned businesses don’t make it to 18 months, and only 3% of Black Women-Owned Businesses make it past the five-year mark.

Buy From a Black Woman
Brandy with Nikki Porcher and daughter Syrai Smith in an H&M sweater and sequin pants. Available on

For the first five years, Nikki ran Buy From A Black Woman on her own, with the support of her family and volunteers. In 2021 she began building a team, and since then the organization has hosted 100+ workshops and trainings; put 80+ Black Women-Owned brands on H&M shelves across the country; earned 70+ media mentions on major platforms like Forbes, The New York Times and Essence; celebrated 53 Black Women at the Buy From A Black Woman Business Awards; awarded 45 business grants; helped 33 Black women elevate their businesses through accelerator programs; supported 24 business owners through hardship with a Relief Fund stipend; helped 16 founders get their MBE certifications; collaborated with five brands to produce limited edition products; and directed and produced a docuseries that highlights 24 founders. 

Buy From A Black Woman plans to continue defying the odds by advocating for Black Women Entrepreneurs and supporting them in every way possible. You can support their work by donating to the cause, purchasing from the Inspire Shop, or shopping their online directory of Black Women-Owned Businesses.

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About Buy From A Black Woman
Buy From A Black Woman ensures that Black Women have the tools and resources they need to be successful. Through educational programs, an online directory, and financial support, this trusted resource for Black Women in business across the country and around the globe is quickly becoming the largest community of Black Women Business Owners.  
Founded in 2016 by Nikki Porcher, Buy From A Black Woman is a 501(c)3 that empowers, educates, and inspires Black Women Business Owners and the people who support them. When you support a Black Woman Business Owner, you support a whole community.




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