Bring Brunch Home with This Black-Owned Wine Company Brunch in a Bottle

The era of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time. We experienced many losses and struggled with unexpected difficulties. But it has also given rise to many positive changes. People found creative ways to adapt and pivot. New entrepreneurs were made and businesses were born.

One such business that came to be during this time is Brunch in a Bottle. The company was birthed in May 2020 by entrepreneur Lillian Jackson. A native of Richmond, Virginia currently based in Las Vegas, she is a lover of brunch and good cocktails.

Brunch in a Bottle

When the pandemic hit, her social group Brown Skin Brunchin’ had already been well established. Jackson co-founded Brown Skin Brunchin’ in 2018 with her childhood friend, Melissa Mason.

The two created the group as a space in which minority women can link with other women of color over a meal and drinks, to expand their personal and professional circles. However, the pandemic brought meet-ups to a halt.

Brunch in a Bottle

“I love brunchin’ with friends and during COVID I was not able to do so due to the lockdowns and restrictions on public gatherings,” said Jackson. “I found myself trying to mix new cocktails and attempting to do at-home brunches to pass the time. I quickly found out I was not a mixologist. Brunch is known for mimosas, however, there is a delicate balance between juice and bubbly needed to make the perfect cocktail.”

Brunch in a Bottle was born to solve that problem. The Peach Mango sparkling wine is the perfect balance of flavor to bubbly and is very reminiscent of the perfect mimosa or bellini. In addition to this varietal, Brunch in a Bottle also offers a Moscato and is looking to expanding the line to include other flavors down the road.

Brunch in a Bottle

So, consider Brunch in a Bottle for your next brunch at home. Take the guesswork out of your drinks and simply open and pour. Their drinks are delicious and versatile, pair well with both sweet and savory flavors of brunch, and best of all, they’re easy.”

“There is no need to mix anything with it to get the perfect brunch cocktail, yet it is versatile enough that you could add in something like gin, lime juice, and simple syrup and have the perfect spin on a French 75. We like to call it a Brunch 75.”

For more information, visit and follow @thebrunchinabottle.



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