#BlackBusinessesMatter Movement canvasses cities across the Southeast

#BlackBusinessesMatter Movement canvasses cities across the Southeast

(Nationwide) – #BlackBusinessesMatter began as a hashtag campaign but has emerged into a conglomerate of activists, speakers, trainers, economists, counselors, politicians and strategists who are steadfast about bringing economic sustainability to black communities by holding a series of events that includes speeches on strategy, a movie screening, a panel discussion and networking.#blackbusinessesmatter

The tour begins in July with 12 cities throughout the south and then expands into other regions of the country. The roundups will take place every week in either Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina or Florida. Tour organizer, Professor Devin Robinson, a seasoned economics professor, army veteran and activist who has spearheaded the campaign for increased black beauty supply ownership resulting in over 80 stores opened under his leadership, stated, “Small modifications in the black culture will instantly propel us to significant wealth, income and sustainability. I lived it.”

Statistics show that 43% of all African-Americans have a business registered. 27% of those businesses registrations are dormant (not in operation) and 73% are active. Of the 73% that are active (generating at least $600 per year), 88.3% of those are operated part-time (weekends, while at full-time jobs on the side, moonlighting, etc.) and 11% are operated full-time. Of those that are full-time, 78% of those only have 1 employee (the owner) while 19% of them have 1.5 workers (1 full-time and 1 part-time) and +/- 2% have more than 1.5 workers.

The tour’s website stated that, “Black-owned businesses only account for about 0.1% of all business revenue in America. The reason is very complicated but this movement addresses some of the more critical problems, and for the people who attend, it provides them with resources to solve their unique problem.”

The tour is free to the public but those that register will be admitted to secure their seats firs. The select events will include the screenings of movies, “Black Friday” which highlights the question, “Will you leave bills or benefits when you die?” or the movie “Generation One: The Search for Black Wealth” and Dr. Boyce Watkins’, Resurrecting Black Wall Street: The Blueprint. The applicable filmmaker (and some cast members) will be present when their movie is being screened.

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