Black Woman Launches Online Course Platform, Goalmentum

Goalmentum is a Black-owned online course platform that fuses engagement and accountability into every course. This online course platform is a simple system that high-performing business coaches and experts can use to transfer their knowledge to other professionals for their online coaching programs.

Meet Christina Moody, an HBCU grad turned entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Goalmentum, an online course platform that streamlines group coaching programs. The knowledge economy has exploded over the past 10 years, and one glaring problem is that only 3% of students complete their online courses. Engagement in the existing online course platforms is very low. Hence, Goalmentum seeks to revolutionize engagement for the experts with group coaching programs.

According to Christina, who is a software engineer and an alumnus of Johnson C. Smith University with a degree in Computer Science, “There is a lack of combining community, engagement, and accountability in current online course platforms. I believe that the synergy of these three aspects is what makes Goalmentum unique and a game-changer.”

The online platform combines the knowledge of experts with gamification to deliver transformational results. What makes Goalmentum unique is that it incorporates transparency and group dynamics to incentivize all participants to show up authentically, and engages with the expert, community, and content for course completion.

In addition, Goalmentum is a company that provides experts with the necessary tools to teach people how to reach their smart goals. The company’s solution: Experts + Goalmentum = Achieved Goals. The platform helps experts to be more efficient and to have more time to teach members by offering “one-stop” to control, manage and track your courses.

Head over to the official website today to sign up to customize your online course for your group coaching program today. The first 100 Coaches to sign up are free.



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